Vaquita was a Chilean street dog who joined protests in Antofagasta against the police. I’m basically going to quote this tweet from Working Class History(external link) about him:

#OtD 2 Jan 2020 El Vaquita, a street dog who’d joined protestors in confrontations with the police, wouldn’t allow himself to be adopted, even though he’d been shot. So, the people of Antofagasta, Chile, staged a fake protest to lead the dog to the vet.

Photograph fairly close-up of Vaquita, turned to the side grinning at the camera, a scene of protest behind him.

This Instagram post(external link) includes the notice (second pic) used to summon people to the fake protest. In English it reads, PEACEFUL MARCH: Everyone for Vaquita! Plaza Revolución, Thursday 2nd, 7pm. Vaquita needs veterinary attention, and we’re going to take him marching.

After recovering from the surgery he needed to deal with the bullet wound, Vaquita returned to the streets. He seems to have been too much of a free spirit to adapt to the pet dog life, as this Instagram post(external link) says he is thinking about the idea but promises nothing, while this follow-up(external link) says mi vida es la calle 💪🏻… ahí nací y de ahí seré (my life is the street… there I was born and of there I will be).

Other protest-joining street dogs you may be interested in reading about: Negro Matapacos, Loukanikos. Or see the page riot dogs.

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