Orion Browser

Orion Browser is a web browser, currently available in public beta for macOS and iOS. A version for Linux is said to be coming next. It uses the WebKit browser engine, setting it apart from the million and one Chromium derivatives on the market right now. It’s made by Kagi, a company which is also making a premium search engine. Their hope is that paid users of the search engine and subscribers to Orion+ (which grants you early access to new builds and more support) will fund the browser and the search engine both.

Orion itself takes strong inspiration from Safari, and indeed basically strives to be a better Safari. Some of its selling points include:

  • High performance. Orion is engineered to be as light on system resources as possible, and is lighter even than Safari. This makes it fast and less draining on your battery.
  • Built-in blocking of ads and trackers.
  • Support for both Firefox and Chromium extensions. The browser’s also committed to supporting the old “Manifest V2” WebExtensions API, meaning powerful content filterers like uBlock Origin will continue to work on it even after Google has forced the Chromium codebase onto Manifest V3.
  • It offers tree-style vertical tabs as an option.
  • It has tab groups of a sort, in that you can have multiple windows open, and you can name them, and if you name them then the named window’s tabs will get synced as a tab group. There’s also an easy window switcher, so you don’t have to right-click on the icon in the dock or use some other operating system mechanism to switch windows.
  • Uses iCloud to synchronise automatically between installs on macOS and iOS, if you have it installed on both.
  • Some assorted quality of life features and options, like “float on top”, picture-in-picture, force allowing copy & paste when a website’s used Javascript to disable that, the ability to selectively disable assets like web fonts, the ability to open current page in the Wayback Machine, focus mode, picture-in-picture, etc.. Also it prevents videos from autoplaying.
  • Planned support for protocols other than HTTP(S), including Gemini.

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