Negro Matapacos

Negro Matapacos was a Chilean street dog who joined student protests for free education and against neoliberalism from 2010 onwards. He was a regular feature at every demonstration in Santiago, defying tear gas and water cannons to stand in solidarity with the students. He only ever barked at or attacked cops. In between protests, he liked to hang out on university campuses.

He died of old age in 2017, having been taken in and cared for in someone’s home during his final days. In the huge 2019 protests in Chile, he was again a symbol of the struggle. He has been immortalised in street art, songs, and the public memory generally.

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Illustration of Negro Matapacos on an aqua background. There are words in Spanish in a fancy font superimposed: ‘Santo patrono de las manifestaciones y de los perritos de la calle’

Image of Negro Matapacos that has done the rounds on social media. In English the words read: ‘Patron saint of demonstrations and of the little dogs of the street’.

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