mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard that uses “mechanical” switches (as opposed to, like, rubber dome or membrane switches, common in laptops or cheap generic keyboards). There’s a pretty big enthusiast community for them, as evidenced by the subreddit(external link), and there’s also a shit-ton of knowledge it might be valuable to have if you’re interested in buying even one mechanical board.

At our place we have two mechanical keyboards: we have a Logitech G613 (which uses its own proprietary switches, so even though it is a mechanical board, you can’t do fun things with it like swap the keycaps out for aftermarket ones), and the Keychron K2 I got in 2021. The Logitech board is set to a QWERTY layout, because Viv needs to use it too. The Keychron is set to Dvorak left-hand, because it’s just for me. We also obviously have the in-built keyboards of our laptops, but those are not mechanical 😅