Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer is the right-wing current leader of the British Labour Party who ousted the left-wing Jeremy Corbyn and immediately began a purge of everyone and everything within the Labour Party that actually stands for improving the lives of ordinary people in Britain. Initially this purge was based on the lie that the Left is anti-Semitic, but as of 2022 it has now extended to purging everyone who doesn’t support US imperialism and war.

Before his current career as a parliamentarian, he was head of the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service. In this role, he doggedly persecuted various whistleblowers as to US misdeeds (like Julian Assange and Gary McKinnon), extradited British Muslims to face torture in CIA “black sites”, blocked any legal consequences from reaching cops who perpetrated acts of deadly police brutality, and also conducted a sham “independent investigation” into the “spycops” controversy (where cops infiltrated left-wing protest movements and began sham relationships, and even fathered children in some cases, with young female activists) which declared absolutely no wrongdoing had occurred and all cops were faultless.

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