Juanita Nielsen

Juanita Nielsen was a Sydney activist-journalist from a wealthy family who was murderered in 1975. In life she was known for her indie newspaper “NOW”, her community advocacy in King’s Cross, and her strong support for the BLF’s Green Bans. Officially her murder has never been solved, but it is widely believed that she was murdered by an associate of Abe Saffron at his behest, because her campaigning was getting in the way of one of his property developer mates (Frank Theeman’s) bulldozing and redeveloping Victoria Street in King’s Cross. She was last seen entering a nightclub owned by Saffron on 4 July, the Carousel Club. The investigation into her disappearance – like many others at the time – was compromised by the corruption of NSW Police.

The ABC did a podcast where they claimed to have identified her likely killer (who they said was Eddie Trigg), who indeed was an associate of Abe Saffron. They identified him on the basis of a “star witness” who claimed to have been sent to prison undercover and had Trigg confess to him. However, Media Watch called into question his whole story on the basis that he did not go to prison as an undercover operative at all, but for fraud. Whether or not it was Trigg specifically who murdered her, though, it does seem extremely likely that Abe Saffron was the one who ordered her death.

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