My Wiki’s Changelog

So, the intended way to browse this wiki is not in reverse-chronological order – ideally it’d be more like Wikipedia, where you start out curious about one thing and then suddenly realise hours have passed and you’ve read about two dozen more. However, particularly for people who’ve checked out my wiki before, I thought it’d be worthwhile to create a page that points out newly-published or recently-updated pages (in the case of the latter, only if the update was more substantial than fixing a typo or adding a link to a newly-published page).

6 December 2022

5 December 2022

  • Edited: Doctor Who: Series 1: Added “Aliens of London”.
  • Edited: 2022 Iranian protests: Added a paragraph about the suspension of the morality police. Also un-drafted the page, which apparently I didn’t do yesterday 🤦🏻‍♀️

4 December 2022

23 November 2022

21 November 2022

  • Edited: Somerton Man: Added a sentence about his suspected manner of death.

20 November 2022

  • NEW: my novel: A page all about what I’m currently working on!

17 November 2022

16 November 2022

  • Edited: Shireen Abu Akleh: Mentioned the US announcement that it’ll be conducting an independent probe, and Israel’s announcement that it will not cooperate.
  • Edited: apartheid in Israel: Added a link to an article about yet another brutal attack on Palestinian civilians carried out by the IDF.
  • Edited: Lingua Franca Nova: Added a link to the Wikibooks course, and changed the link to the grammar resource to the website version instead of the PDF.

10 November 2022

  • Edited: Lingua Franca Nova: Fleshed out the page with some of the features I really like the look of, now I’ve actually looked into this auxlang.