2011 Korumburra earth tremor

This was a magnitude 4.4 earth tremor, with its epicentre near Kor­um­bur­ra, that happened on Tuesday, 5 July 2011 at 11:32am. It is notable to me because until the 2021 Mansfield earthquake, it was the only kind of earth tremor or quake that I had ever felt.

When it took place I was sitting on my parents’ bed chatting to my dad about something-or-other, when I remember I heard some creaking, felt a minor tilt, and looked to my left and saw something like a spiderweb falling from the ceiling onto the top of their wardrobe. It would’ve been about one-seventieth the strength of the 2021 quake.

Victoria has experienced other tremors in my lifetime, even ones almost an order of magnitude stronger than this (like a 5.2 magnitude quake near Moe in June 2012), but I didn’t notice any of them.

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