I hate everything about the capitalist conception of work. If the world was fair, here is what we would do: we would take all the work that needs to be done for society to function properly, divide it equitably across everybody with the ability to take on the necessary tasks, and then we’d all work our (disability-adjusted) 15 hours a week and relax, socialise, learn new things, engage in creative passion projects the remaining share of the week, and reap the rewards of an equitable share of the common pie. Plus, increased automation would mean everyone gets to do less work, rather than meaning that more and more workers end up precarious or unemployed.

Because we live under capitalism though, it goes like this: the capitalist class take in almost all of the money despite doing almost none of the work. Full-time salaried workers are overworked like hell, often putting in 50, 55, even 60 hours a week. Everyone else scrounges for casualised, part-time positions and struggles with financial insecurity, and then the capitalist class and their ideological defenders make it some weird thing to shame people about, like it’s the fault of precarious workers that our economy is so fucked and not the fault of the capitalist class for creating this unnecessarily cruel, dog-eat-dog economy.

Oh, and they also dismiss labour in the home as “not real work”, pressuring the mostly-women who do it to also scrounge for shitty jobs because all the thankless household chores they do is actually “doing nothing”. In the 1970s socialist feminists demanded wages for housework, but the modern mainstream feminist movement has regressed into pretending that chores magically do themselves and that the lot of the modern woman is simply to toil away for capitalists (and then low-key also do the chores).