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Link: “DFAT urged to retract 'inaccurate' report saying Sri Lankans face low torture risk, following UK court finding”

Original post found at: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dfat-urged-to-retract-inaccurate-report-saying-sri-lankans-face-low-torture-risk-following-uk-court-finding

The report that the Australian Government relies on to declare that no one from Sri Lanka could possibly be a refugee or in any danger there is based completely on unsourced assertions and statements that seem to fly in the face of every other, actually reputable, report (surprise surprise). This shit needs to be revoked so Sri Lankan asylum seekers can actually have their claims processed fairly (although Australia’s system is so garbage that that’d only be the beginning).

Link: “Britain’s Government Has Decided No One Should Police the Police”

Original post found at: https://jacobinmag.com/2021/02/chis-bill-uk-criminal-conduct-national-security/

This CHIS bill in the UK, which would allow umpteen government agencies the right to commit any crimes they like (amendments to bar them from raping, torturing and murdering were defeated) with zero risk of being prosecuted, sounds horrendous – and shame on Keir Starmer’s Labour Party for going along with it!

Random fact: the reason an Australian dollar has long been worth approx. half a British pound is decimalisation. In both currencies before that, there were 20 shillings to a pound. When Britain decimalised, they decided that one old pound = one new pound. Australia, on the other hand, went with one old shilling = 10 cents, so the new dollar was only worth 10 shillings. Since both currencies started floating the exchange rate has bounced around a lot – AUD$1 has been worth everything from 34p in 1998 to 72p in 1984 – but the rate’s still around $1 = 56p today (or conversely, £1 = $1.78).

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