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Rake and Its Depiction of Women

The other night, Viv and I finished watching Rake (IMDB link(external link)). If you’re not familiar, it’s an Australian comedy-drama about a randy barrister, Cleaver Greene, whose life is a neverending trainwreck. And before I get too deep into the rest of this post, I can confirm that it is a seriously funny, though densely-plotted, absurdist kind of show. They made five …

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Link: “The real reason Doctor Who makes fans want to hide behind the sofa”

Original post found at: https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/sci-fi/doctor-who-fans-watching-comment/

For the hardcore faithful, by contrast, watching any new episode of Doctor Who is an uncomfortably fraught experience – one that’s wont to magnify the show’s every blemish and duff note, and leave you seriously questioning your life choices. Or is that just me?

This goes double, of course, if you happen to be watching in polite company: those unavoidable occasions when you’re forced to consume Doctor Who in front of family, friends and other Not We, many of whom have probably been silently judging you – or even noisily judging you – over your choice of hobby for years.

Of course, if you could guarantee the quality of what was about to unfold, this wouldn’t be such a problem. But, uniquely among TV shows, Doctor Who’s famously flexible format can make it a bit of a rollercoaster on the quality control front: for every sublime City of Death and The Haunting of Villa Diodati, there’s an excruciating Underworld or Nightmare in Silver.

Oh man, is this relatable 🙈

Sometimes I feel like the only millennial who hasn’t just mainlined every episode of The Simpsons. I mean, sure I’ve seen dozens of episodes in my life… but this encylopaedic knowledge that some people (including Viv) seem to have? I can’t imagine.

In fact, actually, probably our best experience watching TV during our time in Mexico was when we found The Simpsons on. I could understand the Spanish, and Viv could understand because he’s memorised seemingly every line of dialogue in the whole show. Fun times 😆

Killing Eve, S3

Last night Viv and I finally finished all the episodes out so far of Killing Eve (yes, we were sleeping on it for a while). Overall I have to say, what a brilliant show, from the raging chemistry of the leads to the other stellar performances to the cinematography to Jodie Comer’s ridiculous talent with accents to the 10/10 banger of a soundtrack (the bulk of which is by a single band called …

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