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Sometimes I feel like the only millennial who hasn’t just mainlined every episode of The Simpsons. I mean, sure I’ve seen dozens of episodes in my life… but this encylopaedic knowledge that some people (including Viv) seem to have? I can’t imagine.

In fact, actually, probably our best experience watching TV during our time in Mexico was when we found The Simpsons on. I could understand the Spanish, and Viv could understand because he’s memorised seemingly every line of dialogue in the whole show. Fun times 😆

Killing Eve, S3

Last night Viv and I finally finished all the episodes out so far of Killing Eve (yes, we were sleeping on it for a while). Overall I have to say, what a brilliant show, from the raging chemistry of the leads to the other stellar performances to the cinematography to Jodie Comer’s ridiculous talent with accents to the 10/10 banger of a soundtrack (the bulk of which is by a single band called …

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