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For today’s photoblogging challenge, the day 6 prompt is sport. Viv and I go for different AFL teams, and nearly every year (until last year, for obvious reasons…) we try to go to the Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers game. This is us at the SCG one freezing night in May 2019.

a white woman in a purple hooded coat and a Sydney Swans scarf, sitting close to an Indian man in a blue hoodie and (just visible) Essendon Bombers scarf, both smiling at the camera

Day 4’s prompt is layers, which I found a tricky one 🤔 Melburnians are known for our prodigious wearing of layers in the winter, so I went and found a selfie from July. Under this coat I’d have had a jumper or vest and a proper shirt on! Not to mention my multilayered mask 😷

a selfie where I'm indoors in a disposable mask and light blue winter coat

Since Melbourne’s first lockdown I’ve been growing out my hair (not just because hairdressers were closed, I’d also been feeling like a change from the short hair I’d had for six years). Today after I brushed it, I found it just naturally curling at the end like this! Very cool 😲

a selfie, half-profile angle, showing shoulder-length hair with a curl at the end

Twenty-four days now since Victoria’s last new Covid-19 case, and as of today we’re finally allowed outside without a mask, so long as we maintain social distancing! Was so good to feel the fresh air on my face as we exercised today.

A man and woman, standing in front of some shrubbery, smile at the camera
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