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This is an important article for Australians who are outraged by US police murders of Black Americans, but are either unaware or indifferent to police murders of Black people at home. Since 1991, when the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody made its final report, more than 400 Indigenous people have died in custody and no one has ever been convicted. Many of the royal commission’s recommendations were either never implemented or the implementations are routinely ignored by police, with no consequences for them even when the outcomes are fatal. We should be just as angry about this, and call for change just as adamantly here, as we want to see in the US.

Link: “Australian politics should be as diverse as its people”

Original post found at: https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/australian-politics-should-be-diverse-its-people

This line stood out to me: The image that Australia wants to project – of being the most successful multicultural country in the world – is shattered by a simple look at Australia’s parliament. It’s not like Canada is a paradise completely lacking in racism either, but the very idea (that our politicians cling to) that Australia is “the most successful” in a world where Canada exists is uh… implausible.

Anyway, obviously racism would not be magically fixed just by having a more representative parliament. That requires a much larger, wide-ranging struggle. But it is emblematic of the racist nature of Australia and should be called out and challenged alongside perhaps more pressing issues (racist policing, wage gaps, land rights…). So to that extent this is a good article, even though it’s a bit too concerned about Australia’s reputation and not like… racist oppression. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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