Racism, in the modern form, was basically invented by the European elites at the dawn of the colonial era to justify to their own people while they were entitled to pillage foreign lands and enslave or massacre their people. Col­o­nial­ism and imperialism have been immensely profitable for capitalism, and racism thus a vital tool to ensure those profits keep flowing. For the working class, though, racism keeps us internally divided and weakened (and, obviously, especially sucks for POC workers, who are more likely to be stuck with worse jobs, worse pay and worse treatment at work). There’s also no doubt that in many colonial societies, race became a form of class in its own right (e.g. POC not even being allowed to join the waged working class, but used as indentured labour or enslaved) and that in the modern day, the legacy of colonial land theft means that settlers in countries like Australia tend to have much more wealth than Indigenous people. I’m not a POC myself, but my partner is, and I feel very strongly that racism is evil, abhorrent, and needs to be ended.




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