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The magpies have come to appreciate our small walnut treats so much that early in the mornings, they’re gathering on our back fence to sing us a lovely “rise and shine” song πŸ˜† What great birds!

Recently I’ve taken to throwing some walnut pieces out towards the local magpies when they stop by my house (which is not every day). Yesterday, four of them swung by (yes, one is not pictured), and they even sang a little for me (or to discourage other birds, who’s to say)! πŸ˜„

three magpies perched on a washing line, singing

I got the chance to try out the “Merlin Bird ID” app that Miraz mentioned yesterday(external link) when I took Gidget outside this morning. I thought that the bird squawking at us angrily was a wattlebird, and even with my dodgy silhouette picture the app confirmed my thinking: its best guess was “little wattlebird”! πŸ˜„ Cool stuff.

a wattlebird, silhouetted against a dramatic cloudy sky, sits on a barren branch

Today we walked all the way from our local beach to Red Bluff. To actually get across to the south side of the cliff, there were some really steep sections making for an unexpected challenge in the middle of our walk πŸ˜… But exhausted as we now feel, it was totally worth it.

a reddish cliff seen side-on with yellow sand and ocean nearby the cliffs front-on, shrubs growing through the crevices
another part of the cliffs seen side-on above the ocean another part of the cliffs seen front-on, with a sharp vertical alcove within selfie of a masked white woman and unmasked Indian man, reddish cliff-face behind them

Some very dramatic skies about for our regular Sunday beach walk.

a view overlooking a beach, with light grey-blue water and cloudy skies with some peach-coloured sky on the horizon a view on the beach; a bunch of boats are floating in the water, the sky has got more pink, and in the distance sunlight is reflecting off towers in the distant city a view on the beach, pier to the left, dog's head just visible at the bottom of frame. a dark grey cloud in the sky, with light blue and pink around it a view on the beach. a dark grey cloud to the left in the sky, with light blue and pink around it a view from a little later on the beach. the grey cloud is now larger and more dominant; on the horizon is a darker pink, almost red another view from later on on the beach. the grey cloud is still dominant, with that dark pink almost red (and a couple of brighter flashes) on the horizon

To further enjoy the perfect weather this weekend, Viv and I made it out to Sherbrooke Forest and did a 2¼ hour walk there. Beautiful scenery, and we finished early enough to get lunch at the café on site. Awesome day 😁

a gravel path leading off into a temperate rainforest. an Indian guy in a brown t-shirt stands at the foot of the path trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind

The other day when I was walking along the driveway, I looked up and noticed these avocados growing in the tree outside my neighbours' flat! πŸ₯‘ Last year the tree produced only one avocado all season long, but this year seems to have been more fruitful 😊

close-up of two avocados growing amidst the leafy branches of a tree

A few years ago, my grandma came and helped me plant some things in the flowerbed at the front of my flat. Some of them died, and after some point, I’d thought this orange flower was one of them. With this year’s La NiΓ±a summer, though, it’s surprised me and come back alive 😊

close-up of a small orange flower, green vines visible in the background

Today Victoria is still in lockdown, although the good news is that’ll end at midnight tonight, on schedule. Another piece of good news: no further sign of those dang wasps!! This photo was taken from what was under their flight path 😎 #mbfeb

a photo taken from the ground looking up, of the sun and blue sky seen through the branches of a tree
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