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A demolition is taking place nearby, loud enough to completely dominate the ambient noise here for three business days. Gidget has been finding this pretty scary, and would like some privacy as she cowers in fear, thank you. 🐈 #mbfeb

a tabby cat hides in a dark space under a kitchen sink; tea towels are in the foreground

The #mbfeb(external link) challenge continues for an extra few days! Here’s a selfie I took with the one I keep calling the light of my life… my beloved Gidget πŸ₯°

photo of a young woman in pyjamas with a tabby cat

The other day when I was walking along the driveway, I looked up and noticed these avocados growing in the tree outside my neighbours' flat! πŸ₯‘ Last year the tree produced only one avocado all season long, but this year seems to have been more fruitful 😊

close-up of two avocados growing amidst the leafy branches of a tree

Today’s #mbfeb prompt is “pompasetting”, which apparently is a Caribbean word meaning “showing off”. Gidget has an exquisite belly which she loves to show off πŸ˜‰ (Photo from three years ago, now.)

a tabby cat rolled on her side to show off a pristine white belly

Some of my favourite recent photos that I haven’t already posted are these: Gizmo munching on his dentastick! Probably anxiously, to make sure notorious bickie thieves (me and my family) can’t steal them. It’s a hard life being a dog 🐢

a white dog looks uncertainly at the camera, on a bed, treat clutched between his paws a white dog raises his head while chewing, showing off his lower front teeth a white dog eats a close-to-last piece of treat between his paws

Gidget’s now five and a half, but the tidying I did yesterday uncovered a purple hair tie that she used to play fetch with as a little baby cat. When she found it, she excitedly demanded an immediate game of fetch, even though it was 10:30pm πŸ˜‚ Still a kitten at heart! #mbfeb

a tabby cat rests on a pile of work clothes

Today’s #mbfeb prompt is banana, so I’m sharing my favourite way to eat banana: mashed into baked oatmeal! If you’d like to try the same, my recipe derives from BudgetBytes' Banana Bread Oatmeal(external link), but I add ~25g chia seeds and a squirt of stevia instead of the sugar πŸ˜›

a bowl with a quarter-circle slice of brown baked oatmeal

🐈 For today’s #mbfeb challenge post, I thought I’d share another photo of Gidget during the spell of hot weather we had last week. She wasn’t too convinced about needing to have her photo taken yet again πŸ˜…

a tabby cat lies sprawled out on a wooden floor, head raised to look quizzically at the camera

Why does food look more appealing when it’s colourful? Is it some kind of evolutionary adaption because in nature, colours = fruits and vegetables? πŸ€” Regardless, I enjoyed the bowl of fried rice with prawns I made last night. #mbfeb

a white bowl containing fried rice with carrot, egg and prawns garnished with spring onion
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