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Linux on M1 Macs

So, when the first M1 Macs were released last year they were quickly recognised as some seriously impressive computers, with performance that blew rivals clean out of the water. Even some leading Linux people lamented that they’d be tempted to try an M1 Mac… but of course, Apple hasn’t bothered to make it easy for any other operating system to run on their new product line, and …

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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time peering at this machine, setting my blog up how I want it. MacBook Airs may not be the beefiest, but they feel very nice to work on, and coming from a Linux background I appreciate the Unix-ness! (#mbfeb(external link))

a photo of a rose gold MacBook Air on a light-coloured lap desk

Over the last couple of days I’ve read numerous discussions of the new M1 Macs, including this John Gruber article(external link) – by all accounts they’re incredible! Not in the market for a new computer myself, but my partner’s still rocking a 2011 MBA. I’m trying to convince him now…

Upgraded my MacBook Air to Big Sur this afternoon! (I like to wait a few days for any glaring problems to be reported on and fixed if necessary before I suffer from them.) The visual changes are subtle, and otherwise it all feels much the same. What you’d hope for, I guess.

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