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Curly Quotes on Mac Keyboards

I’m seriously kind of bugged by the positions of the curly quotes symbols on the Mac keyboard. Their positions are:

  • “ (left double): opt + [
  • ” (right double): opt + shift + [
  • ‘ (left single): opt + ]
  • ’ (right single): opt + shift + ]

But for regular, non-curly quotes, " (double quote) is produced by shift + ' (apostrophe), right? So this system DOES MY HEAD IN! What I constantly, …

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It’s been about three months since I switched back to the Dvorak left-hand keyboard layout and this morning I went back to Monkeytype(external link) to see how my typing speed (and accuracy) are doing now. Test #1 put me at 82wpm and 99% accuracy – pretty awesome! 😅 But not consistently repeatable, really. After a few more tests it seems like 75wpm is more like my average, but my typing definitely also seems to be more accurate (and more comfortable) than when I was typing QWERTY at 67wpm. Nice to follow up, and confirm that this kind of switch was actually beneficial.

Link: “The curious case of the disappearing Polish S”

Original post found at: https://medium.engineering/the-curious-case-of-disappearing-polish-s-fa398313d4df

Interesting blog post from the Medium Engineering blog, about how their code to make Ctrl+S save your post instead of saving the webpage and the history of Polish keyboard layouts intersected to create a bug whereby you couldn’t type the letter Ś in Medium’s editor. I don’t know if that description makes it sound interesting, but it is 😛

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was waiting on new keycaps that would align properly even when I arranged them as per the Dvorak left-hand layout. Well, today they arrived! I’m pretty happy; they look good, and my hyphen key is no longer obnoxiously tall 😅 If anyone’s curious as to the details: I got them from YMDK(external link), and they’re XDA profile, dye-sub PBT, and the colour scheme seems to be called “9009”. I can really see why people might have fun customising their own mechanical keyboards, but I think this is where I’m likely to leave mine (…for now).

a keyboard seen top-down, keycaps largely shades of light grey, some pink and green accents the same keyboard seen in profile view; the tops of the keys all lie flush (relatively)

The Dvorak Left-Hand Keyboard Layout

As you may or may not know, I was born with a disability that gives me only limited use of my right hand. As such, I do pretty much 100% of my typing with my left.1 These days I just use the standard QWERTY layout, but there was a period of a few years – between about 2008 and 2016 – that I instead used this beauty:

The Dvorak left-hand keyboard layout
The Dvorak left-hand keyboard layout, as shown on Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I …

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