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Reply to “Indieweb as state of mind” by Leon Paternoster

Original post found at: https://www.thisdaysportion.com/posts/indieweb-is-not-social-media/

I found this all an interesting discussion! I’ve certainly enjoyed having my own site again and tinkering to add various IndieWeb features, but it’s not something I’d realistically expect the average person to do. That said, I also agree that the fundamentals of the IndieWeb are really just having your own site – everything else like post types, webmentions, etc. seem mainly there to mimic social media, which I think is an awesome extra, but isn’t necessary just to have your own, “independent” site. The latter is much easier of course (although still not something everyone will want to do).

Another thing I will say I’ve noticed is that most of the people who’ve implemented IndieWeb principles to any degree on their site also have Micro.blog accounts… making it much easier in most cases to comment on Micro.blog than by actually making a reply post on my own site. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that, but it just seems funny given the “IndieWeb” ethos. I can make the effort to do otherwise (like I’m doing for this, now) but most of the time I wonder what’d be the point, and take the path of least resistance.

I’ve run into more obstacles than I thought I would, but not only do I have an Indiekit Micropub endpoint up and running now (but not working for media uploads yet), but I’ve also set up continuous deployment with Github Actions, so my static Hugo site rebuilds after every new post. This guide here(external link) was really helpful for the Github Actions stuff, and the only reason I lost three hours of my life afterwards is that I missed the really critical information that it’s written assuming you haven’t set a custom value for publishdir in your Hugo config file. Whoops.

Anyway, I have more tinkering I want to do, but I’ve been staying up late night after night and it’s time I treat myself to getting into bed before midnight. My site will still be there to tinker on tomorrow, after all…

It’s been outwardly really quiet on this blog in the last few days, and that’s because I’ve been hard at work setting up Indiekit(external link) so I can post to here via Micropub (after my first attempt proved I am not good enough at programming to assemble an implementation by myself, even with loads of references 😂).

Once I’ve actually finished I might write up a longer post explaining how it’s all gone (because I’m sure it’ll be enthralling reading!). One thing I am really proud to have accomplished, though, is forking Indiekit’s Hugo preset and modifying it to generate my custom year and month metadata that I use to generate archives. Considering I’ve never written Javascript before, this was a huuuuge achievement for me. I still have a fair whack of stuff on my wishlist to work through, but the more successes I have the more confident I feel that I can get this working exactly how I want it 💪

Trump self-hosting his own microblog(external link) may not be the endorsement of the concept I would prefer, but I guess it’s bringing it to wider public awareness? As the TechDirt article puts it:

On the whole, though, this is a good thing. I’m glad that Trump has set up his own site (no matter what happens with Facebook). More people should do that themselves as well, and recognize that then you get to set your own moderation rules and your own system, and don’t have to deal with not violating someone else’s rules. But it also shows how Facebook and Twitter removing him wasn’t censorship – it was just them saying he needs to find somewhere else to speak.

Generally speaking, I think, it is the marginalised who have more to gain from indie microblogging than the rich and powerful (Trump being an exception only because he went so far off the deep end that even other rich and powerful people turned on him). While there’s definitely something “icky” about the idea of Trump becoming the most prominent example of it for now, it is a concept that I think should catch on more broadly.

So, I’m taking the teensiest little baby steps towards creating a Micropub endpoint(external link) for my Hugo blog 🙈 So far, I can… authenticate, and submit content. The part where that content is actually saved anywhere or published, that’s still in progress. But it’s a start!

Like of “Life Happens: Towards Community Support For Prioritizing Life Events And Mutual Care, Starting With The #IndieWeb” by Tantek Çelik

Original post found at: https://tantek.com/2021/051/b1/life-happens

“Life Happens” is an acknowledgement that there are numerous things that people experience in their actual physical lives that suddenly take higher priority than nearly anything else (like participation in volunteer-based communities), and those communities (like the IndieWeb) should acknowledge, accept, and be supportive of community members experiencing such events.

So I think I’ve now got interactions set up and displaying properly!

I’m relying on webmention.app(external link) to actually send my responses out, and while that seems to work well with Bridgy and to webmention.io endpoints, in my limited experience so far it seems kind of flaky when the destination is a Wordpress blog using a plugin to have a self-hosted endpoint. Unless it’s just confused by likes with no original content… IDK. More experimentation needed, maybe. Anyway, regardless, my implementation is basically working 😊

It’s been a busy day of barely doing anything but website work, but I’m making good progress getting the Hugo blog up and running 🙂 Today I have:

  • Set up Bridgy(external link) and started displaying webmentions under each post (where they exist). I’ve gotta say, Bridgy is very nifty indeed!
  • Created an archive page including what I think is a sweet view for month/year/front page views… I was so inspired by Micro.blog’s Tagmoji that every post now has an emoji going with it 😉
  • Imported my old posts up to December 30 last year. This is a manual process so I can fix up images and include syndication links (for Bridgy, in theory), which makes it very slow… but I’m getting there 😪

If I have the endurance I hope to finish importing posts tomorrow. Then I’d like to code templates for bookmark/like/reply posts. And then finally (gasp!) I should be able to rest on my laurels a bit.

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