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Holidays are over, so time to psych myself up for early starts again (yuck). Waking up before dawn is always tough, and even more so when your very comfortable cat stares at you like you’re an absolute loon! I must admit, she makes a very compelling argument to stay in bed… 🐈

a tabby cat rests on a bed, eyes closed, in dim light a tabby cat rests on a bed, eyes half-open, in dim light a tabby cat rests on a bed, eyes fully open, in dim light

Some even better news from yesterday: Gidget is back to walking around normally and insisting on going on her regular adventures. Clearly we’ll finish the anti-inflammatory regimen, but otherwise… phew! 🐱

a tabby cat lies on a box with clothes on it, looking away a tabby cat lies on a box with clothes on it, looking at the camera

We’ve been to the vet!

The good news is that there’s been no really bad news, although the vet wasn’t quite sure what she’s done. He thought she probably does not have a fracture (“unless she’s the most stoic cat ever”). He did find that she has a luxated patella, but wasn’t convinced that this was why she’s now suddenly limping; he thought it was a pre-existing condition (and said she’ll probably need surgery for it down the line, or else it’ll lead to arthritis). So for now, he’s sent us home with anti-inflammatories, and told us to come back in 5–7 days if she hasn’t improved by then, at which point they can do x-rays.

She also has to go back to the vet in 4 weeks anyway, because it’s been too long since she last got vaccinated so she needs a booster shot 🙈 Still, it wasn’t too much of an ordeal this time. It shouldn’t be too bad to bring her back for that.

Thanks for all the sympathy re: Gidget yesterday! Today she’s still limping when she walks, and mostly just resting by my side. She’s half-heartedly asked to go out a couple of times, but not persisted (I think recognising she’s hurt). Vet in ~6hrs, so we’ll see what she’s done.

Had to run out a couple of hours ago when I heard a cat fight happening outside. Not sure who she was fighting, but I found Gidget up in a tree all fluffy-tailed… and once I got her inside, it became clear she’s limping. Booked a vet appt for tomorrow arvo. Hoping it’s minor 😓

It’s starting to feel like working is all I ever do… and Gidget’s also seemed pretty miffed at not having humans home all day. She’s been begging me not to leave in the morning, and requiring lots of affection once we get home. Viv was happy to oblige her today 🐈

in a sunny living room, an Indian guy in a hoodie and tracksuit pants pats a tabby cat

Gidget was very unimpressed to see me packing my things to head out this morning… very much like, “What do you mean you have work again? You just had that! It’s time to stay home with cat now!” Well, good news Gidget: it’s the weekend at last 😌

a tabby cat sits on an entertainment unit next to a window in daylight

It’s turning out to be a busy week with lots of work, which is good in one way ($$$) but is keeping me away from my baby cat (and keeping her without her door-opener and food-dispenser) for many hours at a time. At least we’re getting some quality time in after work ❤️

a young woman in patterned pyjamas and a tabby cat

Gidget is loving her $350 new box! The printer that came in it was just a little freebie for the humans; we all know the real prize was the box. (She actually loves it so much that Viv won’t let me put it in the recycling 😂)

a tabby cat on a large cardboard box in a living room a tabby cat on a large cardboard box in a living room

A demolition is taking place nearby, loud enough to completely dominate the ambient noise here for three business days. Gidget has been finding this pretty scary, and would like some privacy as she cowers in fear, thank you. 🐈 #mbfeb

a tabby cat hides in a dark space under a kitchen sink; tea towels are in the foreground
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