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Gidget’s now five and a half, but the tidying I did yesterday uncovered a purple hair tie that she used to play fetch with as a little baby cat. When she found it, she excitedly demanded an immediate game of fetch, even though it was 10:30pm 😂 Still a kitten at heart! #mbfeb

a tabby cat rests on a pile of work clothes

🐈 For today’s #mbfeb challenge post, I thought I’d share another photo of Gidget during the spell of hot weather we had last week. She wasn’t too convinced about needing to have her photo taken yet again 😅

a tabby cat lies sprawled out on a wooden floor, head raised to look quizzically at the camera

So it’s 28°C outside and this cat is begging me to turn the heater on… 🤨

a tabby cat lies stretched out on an off-white carpet, in front of a small space heater

Ever the erudite cat, this one was transfixed by the quoll documentary that was on the other night. At least, I’m sure it was the thirst for knowledge and not any other reason that kept her glued to the screen 🤣 #mbfeb

close-up of a tabby cat, profile view, intently watching something off-camera

Today I have another photo from when Gidget was a kitten. She’s always found comfort hiding behind the couch, and in this picture you can see some of her in the reflection in the window, too 😸 #mbfeb

a picture of a tabby kitten sandwiched between a grey couch and a window, taken top-down

Gidget says, “Mum… tell those mice to have some compassion and come out to be eaten!” 😼 #mbfeb

a tabby cat sits amidst some grassy weeds

Oh, to have the energy of a kitten who’s just realised she’s made a terrible mistake 😂 For today, I thought I’d post this classic pic from shortly after I got Gidget. (#mbfeb #cats)

a tabby kitten (blurred) scrabbles to get out from inside a printer (the part where the paper comes out)

Day 5 of the photoblogging challenge has the easiest prompt… pets! 🤣 For this one, have an old photo of my cat Gidget and my parents' dog Gizmo. They may be different species but they’re still BFFs, and have been since Gidget was about 14 weeks old. 🐱🐶

top-down photo of a tabby cat and a little white dog, on some foam padding in a backyard

Fun fact: while Gidget loves arid heat, she ALSO loves heavy rain. She likes to sit under cover and just watch it fall. She doesn’t so much like being rudely interrupted by selfish humans taking photos…

foreground: a tabby cat staring at the photo-taker. background: a blurry, rain-saturated courtyard
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