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Link: “AFL expansion debate for Northern Territory, Tasmania not strictly business”

Original post found at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-07/afl-expansion-choice-between-protecting-game-or-finances/100194384

Tasmania and the Northern Territory deserved teams well ahead of the Gold Coast and Western Sydney. Existing football areas should always have taken precedence ahead of rugby league heartland that already had local AFL teams to back anyway… at this point it feels like AFL is purposely snubbing them.

Link: “The European Super League Is the Inevitable Conclusion of Football Capitalism”

Original post found at: https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/04/the-european-super-league-is-the-inevitable-conclusion-of-football-capitalism

The European Super League would be a disaster for football, but it hasn’t come from nowhere – it is the end of a long road of commercialisation which has torn the game away from the working-class communities that built it.

Interesting piece. As an outsider to soccer, much as I enjoy watching it, it’s always seemed a very profit-driven sport to me (I mean, compare it to the AFL, where private ownership of clubs was mostly phased out after disastrous experiments in the 1980s – largely at the expense of my club! – and salary caps and draft rules tend to mean no club is just stuck in the doldrums forever any more). The AFL is far from perfect anyway, “commercial concerns” are still a big thing, but even that kind of model would be a huge step forward for most soccer leagues (including our A-League), it seems. Would love to see it.

Link: “Is Aussie rules booming at rugby’s expense?”

Original post found at: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/australian-rules-football-is-booming-in-sydney-is-it-happening-at-rugby-s-expense-20210416-p57jtz.html

Blacklock recalled an old story from a friend, whose son - a Swans and Waratahs fan - was turning 10. He contacted both clubs to see if they could send him any memorabilia.

“The Waratahs sent out a couple of posters and a signed footy. The Swans sent out two injured players to his birthday party,” he said.

Can I be real, it’s really confusing that the Swans and GWS are apparently facing off in the VFL on the same day that senior teams with the same name are also facing off in the AFL. I thought the Swans' social media person was having a laugh using the historic name for the league. I mean, I will maintain that the Swans are a Victorian team in exile rather than a NSW team until my dying breath but holding games in Sydney between Sydney-based teams and calling them VFL games is a new one 🤔

For today’s photoblogging challenge, the day 6 prompt is sport. Viv and I go for different AFL teams, and nearly every year (until last year, for obvious reasons…) we try to go to the Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers game. This is us at the SCG one freezing night in May 2019.

a white woman in a purple hooded coat and a Sydney Swans scarf, sitting close to an Indian man in a blue hoodie and (just visible) Essendon Bombers scarf, both smiling at the camera
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