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Sharing a couple of recent photos of the pet animals in my life 😄 On the left, a shot of Gizmo on our weekly Sunday beach walk (now they’re allowed again!) and on the right, Gidget keeping a close eye on those birds that keep showing up at her backyard 🐶😼

a white fluffy dog seen in 3/4 view, outdoors, on a gravel path a tabby cat on an outdoor chair in a purple harness, looking up and to the left of frame

Thanks to the easing of restrictions a few days ago, I was able to see this scruffball (and my dad) and go on a walk to the beach! Hopefully Gizmo’s regular dog groomer will be back in business soon, because he looks like he could really do with a session 🐶

a scruffy white dog in a tartan jacket grins at the camera, standing on some grass

Gizmo got very anxious when Dad went into the bottle shop without him! Thankfully it has all these windows, so he can keep a close eye on him 🐶

a small white dog in a tartan jacket seen from behind, standing on his hind legs, paws on a glass window through which he watches a middle-aged man ponder which beer to buy

It’s been many weeks since we’ve had a day as warm as 24°, but today Melbourne finally delivered! I had a great afternoon walk at the beach. There were loads of dogs there, and I have to say, I love those puppies that haven’t yet learned the social norms of being a dog at the beach. They’re hilarious and cute. There was a black labrador one (not a puppy-puppy, but not a full-grown dog either, if you get my drift) who kept tearing away from his owners to try to get attention from everyone else at the beach, or on one occasion barge into some other dogs' game of fetch, including patiently waiting for their owner to throw the ball… 🤣 Dogs are so great.

blue skies, blue ocean, some shrubs to the right of the frame, and sand with weeds on it in the foreground. in the water, in the distance, a human and three dogs are standing around on the right, and some small boats are parked on the left.

We got to see this little guy a couple of times over the Easter long weekend! Despite Gizmo’s best efforts, he even got tricked into getting his photo taken a couple of times 🐶

a small white dog grins on a footpath a small white dog looks back nervously on a footpath a small white dog looks up sleepily from a couch which is covered in blankets, with his chin resting on a cushion

Got to catch up with this little guy last night. While Gizmo was excited to see us, he was also very concerned about the volume of bikkie thieves around him. Never mind humans gave him the bikkie, and could easily get their own if they wanted bikkies… they cannot be trusted! 🐶

a white dog on an armchair sits next to a bikkie, staring down the photo-taker a white dog on an armchair grips his bikkie in his mouth, staring down the photo-taker

Gizmo has met the third cat in his life who didn’t immediately hate him! Timmka here was full of curiosity, actually, but Gizmo scuttled their emerging friendship when he went in for a bum sniff (not pictured). Timmka was NOT happy 🙀

a tabby cat and a small white dog look at each other through the bars of a gate a tabby cat and a small white dog sniff noses through the bars of a fence

Gizmo has seemed a bit subdued today, especially after Gidget hissed at him when he just wanted to play (twice), but he livened up when he reached the beach. Unfortunately, he got himself so filthy there that he needed a B-A-T-H when we got home… and now he feels traumatised.

a foreground of shrubbery. behind that, sand, blue ocean, and a bright blue sky a white dog rolls around in shallow water another photo of the white dog rolling around in shallow water
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