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Some of my favourite recent photos that I haven’t already posted are these: Gizmo munching on his dentastick! Probably anxiously, to make sure notorious bickie thieves (me and my family) can’t steal them. It’s a hard life being a dog 🐶

a white dog looks uncertainly at the camera, on a bed, treat clutched between his paws a white dog raises his head while chewing, showing off his lower front teeth a white dog eats a close-to-last piece of treat between his paws

Yesterday we got to bring Gizmo to the beach for the first time in a few weeks! Gizmo was loving it, charging around exploring every shrub, darting back and forth… he even got in a game of chasey with this other dog he met there. Great day 🐶

a small white dog standing on sand a small white dog standing on sand with his tongue out two small dogs, one white and one tan, sniff each other two small dogs, one white and one tan, start chasing each other

Day 5 of the photoblogging challenge has the easiest prompt… pets! 🤣 For this one, have an old photo of my cat Gidget and my parents' dog Gizmo. They may be different species but they’re still BFFs, and have been since Gidget was about 14 weeks old. 🐱🐶

top-down photo of a tabby cat and a little white dog, on some foam padding in a backyard

The dog beach was the place to be yesterday! Beautiful weather, and many many dogs. Gizmo certainly enjoyed himself 🐶

a shot of a beach, sand and grassy hill behind to the left, marina behind to the right a small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking away a small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking at the camera

We paid a visit to this little guy (and his humans) yesterday. Although he was excited when we got there, he later growled a lot when he thought I was trying to steal his bickie, and finished the night hiding under an armchair so Thor, God of Thunder, wouldn’t find him 😢

a small white dog on a wooden floor looks at the camera a small white dog on a wooden floor looks off-camera to the right

I realised I’ve been slacking on the photo posts lately, so here’s Gizmo a couple of weekends ago. It was quite a warm afternoon, so the second we reached the shoreline at the beach, he wasted no time dunking himself in the water!

in shallow water at the beach, a small white dog inspects the ocean in shallow water at the beach, a small white dog 'flops' himself into the ocean, shoulder first

The consummate NYE guest, and the cat who was very unhappy to see him back again after a six month absence 😾

a fluffy little white dog sits on a couch, grinning at the camera a tabby cat hides angrily in a drawer full of fur-covered clothes

Christmas was a busy day this year! We had lunch with (predominantly) my mum’s side of the family, and dinner with my partner’s family (although, while I say “dinner”, I personally was so stuffed from lunch I didn’t end up eating anything 😂). Below have some photos I took at lunch. For my mum, it was her first excursion out of the house since her mid-year health crisis, so it was a big relief that it was a resounding success! For the rest of us, it was a welcome chance to catch up after a very long and difficult year. Today we’re off to a Boxing Day picnic with my dad’s side of the family, which I’m also looking forward to.

a woman sits in the passenger seat of a car, with a small white dog in the driver's seat a white dog curled up on a couch, looking directly up at the camera
a young woman and young man on a couch, both on their phones; the woman has a dog on her lap three middle-aged to older adults sitting around a dining table, chatting a young woman in a VR headset and a slightly older man bending over to check an (off-camera) screen

My paparazzi stunts woke Sleeping Beauty from his slumber 😉 Taken the other night, when I was visiting my folks.

a sleeping little white dog on a couch, next to (mostly out of shot) a middle-aged woman a little white dog on a couch, now with his eyes open and alert

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