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Link: “Afghanistan Cricket Board accuses Australia of ‘knee jerk’ reaction over threat to cancel Hobart Test, makes no mention of fate of female players”

Original post found at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-11/afghanistan-cricket-accuses-australia-of-knee-jerk-reaction/100454082

Found this quite an interesting piece, because the journalist has taken the approach of quoting the Taliban-appointed ACB boss’s letter at length, allowing his smarmy dishonesty to speak for itself almost completely. Although this paragraph of added commentary near the end stands out:

There appears to be no irony in the statement that cricket may cease to exist in Afghanistan should the men be prevented from playing; for the women in Afghanistan the game apparently ceased to be played the day the Taliban took over.

I’m certainly no supporter of neverending imperialist wars, but neither do we have to legitimise repressive regimes – and allow them to use matches as propaganda tools – by playing cricket against them 🤷🏻‍♀️

The ABC has published an article wondering if the death of test cricket is nigh(external link). Honestly, I would’ve thought ODIs to be more vulnerable, lacking both the cachet of test matches and the “fast money” potential of T20s (not to mention that in Australia you can now only watch it on pay TV, which hardly anyone has – a sure sign of its impending demise). Still, it raises some good points about the increasing stratification of the cricketing world, with the “big three” riding roughshod over the “next five”, and everyone outside that top eight basically being screwed completely. There’s something very, very unsatisfying about the inequity in how world cricket is governed.

Sometimes I almost wonder why they even have reviews of LBW decisions… the bar to overturn a decision is ludicrously high, but it’s also so rare that a team reviews something so carelessly that they actually lose the review. Non-serious suggestion (because I know the system’s there to prevent howlers, yadda yadda): save some time and just skip the review 😂

(If I could somehow have screenshotted my TV to show you the review that prompted this post, I would have. But it was Lyon to Pujara and the ball was completely demolishing one stump but apparently not by a large enough margin to overturn the on-field decision…)

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