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Link: “Australia makes world-class mess of its vaccine rollout”

Original post found at: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/asia-pacific/australia-makes-world-class-mess-of-its-vaccine-rollout-1.4630872

The Irish Times does a good job calling out those responsible for Australia’s current Covid mess. The only thing I would add is that not all Australians are even free to choose whether or not to “wait for Pfizer”; sure under-40s can ask their GP about getting AstraZeneca now, but the GP is still free to say no, and for the many small practices that aren’t doing vaccinations themselves, what can your GP do for you anyway – write you a letter? If under-40s could just walk up to a hub and get vaccinated on spec, taking their chances with a blood clot that’s probably less likely to happen than getting hit by a car on your way to the hub in the first place, I think we’d see a high take-up. I certainly would be more likely to do that than deal with the current obstacle course, considering I’m already making so many medical appointments with unfamiliar clinics for other issues right now. (And also, anecdotally, I’ve seen people wondering where the fuck these “surplus doses” even are because in their searches, appointment slots seem all booked up for weeks.)

According to the ABC, some guy in Perth tied sheets together and threw them out the window to escape from his hotel quarantine room… like literally climbed down the sheets like in some cartoon. 🤯

For some reason they had Jeroen Weimar give a whole press conference where he didn’t announce any lockdowns, and then almost as soon as that ended the ABC said we’re going back into lockdown. Considering I already thought it was inevitable I’m just relieved they’ve finally declared it (or at least, uhh, leaked it to the media). More details to come later this afternoon.

This makes me think that Victoria is shortly to go back into lockdown… again. Eight new cases and already lots of exposure sites. Nothing has been announced but I’m mentally psyching myself up for what seems to be the inevitable.

Vivian’s got a job interview in Canberra late next week, so he wants us to travel up there together (driving, in case we need to make a hasty retreat back to Victoria). Cue me researching all the entry requirements for the ACT and NSW (which we obviously need to pass through), because we live in a topsy-turvy world where Australia has restrictions on internal movement 😂 That said, I think we’ll just have to fill in declaration forms that we haven’t been to any exposure sites, so long as that remains true. Then we should be fine.

So schools are set to reopen on Friday, even though teachers under the age of 40 are still not eligible for Covid-19 vaccines. Love this total indifference for the lives and wellbeing of teachers 🙄

And while I’m at it, a complaint I’ve made before but still rankles: the sheer difficulty of trying to work out whether specific disabilities or medical conditions make you fit the government’s criteria of “people with disabilities or underlying medical conditions”. I think I qualify as a person with “chronic lung disease” except they haven’t put up an exhaustive list of which lung diseases count, just that asthma doesn’t. Look, as a substitute teacher with an underlying medical condition I just want to get vaccinated, alright?!

In case you were wondering after my post the other day, I got my test results back and I do not have Covid-19, as I expected and hoped 😅 Just an ordinary cold. Still feeling completely garbo though. It’s looking likely that Victoria will see lockdown extended, with daily case numbers not really any lower than before the lockdown started, and a number of transmissions from “fleeting” contact (i.e. aerosols). Doesn’t make a huge difference to me when I’m mostly just resting at home anyway, although Viv has to work from home while this continues. Clearly there are a lot of other casual workers in worse positions than us. TBH I think it’s proof that the JobKeeper program was ended way too early – and in general, we need much more of a social safety net than we have.

Back Into Lockdown (Again)

As of 11:59pm tonight, Victoria will be heading back into lockdown (again). What was an outbreak of four cases three days ago has grown to be an outbreak of 26 cases, with exposure sites increasingly spread out across the city. It seems that the B1617 variant that we’re dealing with is not only very infectious, but very quickly infectious. What they said in the press conference this morning …

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More Covid-19 in Melbourne

Apparently there have been four new Covid-19 cases in Melbourne today – local cases, not cases in hotel quarantine. The origin of these cases isn’t yet known, but it seems like they might be linked to a case where a man contracted the virus inside hotel quarantine in South Australia, and returned home to Victoria before testing positive. So far no snap lockdowns have been announced, which is …

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