ACAB, but not because every single person who signs up to be a cop is a fundamentally evil person; because the police as an institution have a tendency of pushing out or silencing every naïve person who thinks they can work within it as a force for good. Police forces were basically founded to crush the growing unrest among the heavily-oppressed working class (and, in the US, enslaved people!), and to this day they heavily prioritise the “order” part of “law and order”, taking disruption to business way more seriously than actual crimes committed against ordinary people (which they don’t give a crap about). In Australia (like, I’m sure, other countries), they are known to be mostly racist and regularly leak info on domestic violence survivors to their abusers. Considering the cops’ utter lack of solidarity with any other part of the workers’ movement, I would also add that police unions aren’t real unions.




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