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Liked “Google Analytics: Stop feeding the beast” by Caspar Wrede

Original post found at: https://casparwre.de/blog/stop-using-google-analytics/

Google is an advertising platform. Everything it does, all of its products, are geared towards selling advertising. Most of its products are free, many of them are useful, and a few are even great. But they all exist to suck up more data so that it can become even better at selling advertising. […] It’s called surveillance capitalism and it’s certainly not about giving you a great user experience, it’s about making money.

Bookmarked “‘Destruction by a thousand cuts’: the relentless threat mining poses to the Pilbara cultural landscape”

Original post found at: https://theconversation.com/destruction-by-a-thousand-cuts-the-relentless-threat-mining-poses-to-the-pilbara-cultural-landscape-155941

Just as the parliamentary inquiry into Rio Tinto’s destruction of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters was reconvening in Canberra, another culturally significant site was damaged at one of BHP’s iron ore mines in the Pilbara. […]

The destruction of one ancient and sacred rock shelter is, of course, devastating. But there’s a greater and as yet unrecognised loss to cultural heritage that is occurring from the “cumulative impacts” of mining activities in the Pilbara. It’s destruction by a thousand cuts.

Bookmarked “The Fake Debate Over a Minimum Wage”

Original post found at: https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/02/23/the-fake-debate-over-a-minimum-wage/

While it’s always good to argue for increases to the minimum wage, I feel like this article misses the most obvious “pro-small business” argument for increasing it: low-income workers are almost certain to spend any wage increases they get, with much of that spending going straight to the very retailers and hospitality businesses that like shooting themselves in the foot by short-sightedly opposing wage increases…

Bookmarked “Griddy customers face $5,000 electric bills for 5 freezing days in Texas”

Original post found at: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/2021/02/20/griddy-customers-face-5000-bills-for-5-freezing-days-in-texas/

Because of Texas' deregulated electricity market, people are allowed to agree to pay wholesale prices for power, then find themselves owing thousands of dollars because wholesale prices climbed to $9,000 per kilowatt hour during the widespread power outage 🤯

Reply to “Let's Imagine a Better World” by Tim Smith

Original post found at: https://timmmmy.blog/2021/02/lets-imagine-a-better-world/

Why do we accept working 40 hours a week? Why do we give employers five days of our lives, when we only get two? Why do we seem to demand democracy in politics, but not at the work place?

Why have we accepted poverty and hunger when Jeff Bezos makes $8.9 million every hour? Why do we accept capitalism when this pandemic has shown us that it’s greatest strength is creating greater inequality?

Love this. It’s truly bizarre to me that we seem to have developed this social expectation of everyone devoting themselves fanatically to their work, even defining themselves by their work, with no control over their work. That on top of the gross inequality, the environmental destruction, and so on. I’m with you, I think humanity can do much better than this.

A (Largely Political) Linkpost

In the near future, I’d like to have templates in place on my blog, so I can post proper bookmarks (and replies and likes!) and have those sent out as Webmentions to sites that support that standard. I haven’t done so yet though, so in the meantime, here are some links to things I’ve read in the last week or so that I found interesting and worth sharing 🙂

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Three Quick Links

I found these through Mastodon and Twitter, and while each could have sustained a linkpost on its own, the fact that I wanted to post all of them at once has made me roll them into one.

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed is a great little article about how the standard 40-hour work week is designed to leave us crushed and exhausted, and how this influences our choices in recreation (i.e. …

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Great article on the cyberpunk genre, which emerged as a critique of technological development under neoliberal capitalism, but has now been reduced to an aesthetic enjoyable even by the very people making the dystopia come true: Cyberpunk Needs a Reboot.

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