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We had dry weather this morning, but rain set in again over the afternoon. I went to the National Museum, we both checked out our modern parliament in the afternoon, and we went to Canberra’s CBD for “Korean fusion” food tonight 😜 Returning home tomorrow – another long drive!

a rainbow over Lake Burley-Griffin

I feel like it is a bit of a flaw that to catch a bus in Canberra I first have to walk 45 minutes to a newsagents that sells tickets. This is a flaw in Melbourne too, of course. The inability to just buy tickets on spec is a big disincentive to new or irregular riders 😠

The government wants to redevelop the Australian War Memorial(external link) for some reason (ahem, they want to spend a lot of money making it horrible), so we decided to visit it while it’s there. Found my Grandma’s uncle’s name on the wall of WW1 fallen. The exhibits were informative, and made it clear how war is hell. I thought it was a really well-designed place.

The Australian War Memorial, looking towards the dome with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in heavy rain

Our first stop today was Old Parliament House, now hosting the Museum of Australian Democracy. For a building that was always intended to be temporary, it’s very beautiful, and probably all the better now the politicians have moved on πŸ˜‰

the House of Representatives in Old Parliament House, characterised by fine woodwork and green upholstery

Viv and I have arrived in Canberra, after a very lengthy drive! Shout out to the ACT and NSW who are still letting Victorians in who complete a declaration form. (NSW more than the ACT, cos their form is less confusing and threatening.) Tomorrow’ll be a day of sightseeing in extremely heavy rain, fantastic stuff 😌

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