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The Evolution of Canadian, Australian and NZ Englishes

On Quora, I once answered a question about why Australian and NZ English sound more like “British English” (really, the questioner meant the accents of southeast England) than Canadian English does. At the time I answered, a lot of the other answers were along the lines of “Canada is sooooo diverse and Australia isn’t so that’s why”, even though in reality the …

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Link: “Placing the Proud Boys on Canada’s Terrorism List Is a Threat to the Left”

Original post found at: https://jacobinmag.com/2021/03/proud-boys-terrorism-act-canada-far-right/

Interesting article, making the argument that however abhorrent the Far Right is, the Left should not fight to set legal precedents against them that could then be used against us – for example, potentially criminalising direct action by environmentalists and indigenous people to stop fossil fuel pipelines. A very, very important principle to keep in mind when talking about any setback to the Right.

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