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It’s still technically 10 days until spring but you wouldn’t know it from today’s weather: radiant sunshine, warm (it’s 22Β°C!). We made the most of it by taking a walk along our usual beach route – not as far as last time, but still 90mins there and back πŸ˜…

beachside cliffs next to frothy ocean, blue skies above

Today we walked all the way from our local beach to Red Bluff. To actually get across to the south side of the cliff, there were some really steep sections making for an unexpected challenge in the middle of our walk πŸ˜… But exhausted as we now feel, it was totally worth it.

a reddish cliff seen side-on with yellow sand and ocean nearby the cliffs front-on, shrubs growing through the crevices
another part of the cliffs seen side-on above the ocean another part of the cliffs seen front-on, with a sharp vertical alcove within selfie of a masked white woman and unmasked Indian man, reddish cliff-face behind them

I took this photo last weekend when we went on our regular beach walk. It’s only when I looked back on it that I realised how stunning the light was! It had that real autumnal yellowy glow 😊

photo of a beach taken from a low cliff. the sky is blue with wisps of cloud. to the left and bottom of frame are green shrubs. the beach is in two parts, separated by a stone thing jutting out into the sea; the beach on the left is narrower, yellower, with people and dogs just visible (they're very small); the beach on the right is wider and paler with no one on it. the ocean is pale blue, similar to the average hue of the sky.

Some very dramatic skies about for our regular Sunday beach walk.

a view overlooking a beach, with light grey-blue water and cloudy skies with some peach-coloured sky on the horizon a view on the beach; a bunch of boats are floating in the water, the sky has got more pink, and in the distance sunlight is reflecting off towers in the distant city a view on the beach, pier to the left, dog's head just visible at the bottom of frame. a dark grey cloud in the sky, with light blue and pink around it a view on the beach. a dark grey cloud to the left in the sky, with light blue and pink around it a view from a little later on the beach. the grey cloud is now larger and more dominant; on the horizon is a darker pink, almost red another view from later on on the beach. the grey cloud is still dominant, with that dark pink almost red (and a couple of brighter flashes) on the horizon

It’s been many weeks since we’ve had a day as warm as 24Β°, but today Melbourne finally delivered! I had a great afternoon walk at the beach. There were loads of dogs there, and I have to say, I love those puppies that haven’t yet learned the social norms of being a dog at the beach. They’re hilarious and cute. There was a black labrador one (not a puppy-puppy, but not a full-grown dog either, if you get my drift) who kept tearing away from his owners to try to get attention from everyone else at the beach, or on one occasion barge into some other dogs' game of fetch, including patiently waiting for their owner to throw the ball… 🀣 Dogs are so great.

blue skies, blue ocean, some shrubs to the right of the frame, and sand with weeds on it in the foreground. in the water, in the distance, a human and three dogs are standing around on the right, and some small boats are parked on the left.

A couple of days ago now, but our regular Sunday walk on the beach took place in the vicious cold and got hit by icy rain. On the plus side, the lighting got pretty spectacular. Watching my sister struggle with her umbrella looked like a shot from a movie!

photo of a young woman from behind, holding an umbrella, on a beach in the sun and rain simultaneously photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the left photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast at the bottom of frame photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the right

Today Viv and I went on an extended beach walk to soak up this late summery spell. And the beach was definitely the place to be! Packed but still gorgeous. On our way back we decided to eat back all the calories burnt and then some, with ice cream from a new trendy place 🍨

a wide shot of the ocean, beach and green hills, a pavilion in the distance sand, shallow sea with some rocks, blue sky sea with some small boats in the distance, yellow sand and hardy beach shrubs in the foreground a whitish cliff viewed from the bottom looking up, a small tree on top

Here we’re only at the very tail end of the weather system that’s brought floods to the eastern seaboard, but it’s still been a gloomy and wet few days. Today’s been the worst – cold, and I got drenched in my 5min walk from work to the train station 😠 Photo from the weekend.

foreground: some shrubs. behind that: a cloudy sky, and the ocean nearly the same colour

Gizmo has seemed a bit subdued today, especially after Gidget hissed at him when he just wanted to play (twice), but he livened up when he reached the beach. Unfortunately, he got himself so filthy there that he needed a B-A-T-H when we got home… and now he feels traumatised.

a foreground of shrubbery. behind that, sand, blue ocean, and a bright blue sky a white dog rolls around in shallow water another photo of the white dog rolling around in shallow water

🐈 My parents and sister paid me their usual Sunday visit yesterday, and for once, Gidget came out and accepted pets from them! In recent times she’s spent their visits hiding in a cupboard πŸ™€

a young woman smiles as she pats a tabby cat the tabby cat accepts chin scratchies from the young woman

🐢 Then my sister, Viv and I walked Gizmo to the beach. In the 28Β°C weather Gizmo immediately flopped into the water, and then he enjoyed an impromptu conference of little dogs πŸ˜… I know he thinks every walk is amazing, but this one was especially amazing!!

a small white dog flops, shoulder-first, into shallow ocean water three small dogs meet and sniff each other in the water
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