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A couple of days ago now, but our regular Sunday walk on the beach took place in the vicious cold and got hit by icy rain. On the plus side, the lighting got pretty spectacular. Watching my sister struggle with her umbrella looked like a shot from a movie!

photo of a young woman from behind, holding an umbrella, on a beach in the sun and rain simultaneously photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the left photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast at the bottom of frame photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the right

Today Viv and I went on an extended beach walk to soak up this late summery spell. And the beach was definitely the place to be! Packed but still gorgeous. On our way back we decided to eat back all the calories burnt and then some, with ice cream from a new trendy place 🍨

a wide shot of the ocean, beach and green hills, a pavilion in the distance sand, shallow sea with some rocks, blue sky sea with some small boats in the distance, yellow sand and hardy beach shrubs in the foreground a whitish cliff viewed from the bottom looking up, a small tree on top

Here we’re only at the very tail end of the weather system that’s brought floods to the eastern seaboard, but it’s still been a gloomy and wet few days. Today’s been the worst – cold, and I got drenched in my 5min walk from work to the train station 😠 Photo from the weekend.

foreground: some shrubs. behind that: a cloudy sky, and the ocean nearly the same colour

Gizmo has seemed a bit subdued today, especially after Gidget hissed at him when he just wanted to play (twice), but he livened up when he reached the beach. Unfortunately, he got himself so filthy there that he needed a B-A-T-H when we got home… and now he feels traumatised.

a foreground of shrubbery. behind that, sand, blue ocean, and a bright blue sky a white dog rolls around in shallow water another photo of the white dog rolling around in shallow water

🐈 My parents and sister paid me their usual Sunday visit yesterday, and for once, Gidget came out and accepted pets from them! In recent times she’s spent their visits hiding in a cupboard 🙀

a young woman smiles as she pats a tabby cat the tabby cat accepts chin scratchies from the young woman

🐶 Then my sister, Viv and I walked Gizmo to the beach. In the 28°C weather Gizmo immediately flopped into the water, and then he enjoyed an impromptu conference of little dogs 😅 I know he thinks every walk is amazing, but this one was especially amazing!!

a small white dog flops, shoulder-first, into shallow ocean water three small dogs meet and sniff each other in the water

Yesterday we got to bring Gizmo to the beach for the first time in a few weeks! Gizmo was loving it, charging around exploring every shrub, darting back and forth… he even got in a game of chasey with this other dog he met there. Great day 🐶

a small white dog standing on sand a small white dog standing on sand with his tongue out two small dogs, one white and one tan, sniff each other two small dogs, one white and one tan, start chasing each other

It’s day 8 of Micro.blog’s photoblogging challenge, which means today’s prompt is hope. My hope is that the various Australian states stop randomly closing their borders to each other, so I can return to Sydney and enjoy scenery like the below again without worry 😛

a photo of Bronte Beach, Sydney

It was a warm day today, so Viv and I took a late afternoon walk to our local beach.

a view of a beach from up high, with many dogs and beachgoers a view of a different stretch of the beach from up high

On our way home, we ducked into a bottle shop that’s only been open for a week or so. We wanted to check out their range of beers, and were pleasantly surprised – it’s really extensive!

fridges at a bottle shop, displaying many colourful cans of beer

Confronted with so much choice, in the end Vivian was the one who made the decision and went for this novelty lager.

a six-pack of beer cans, branded 'GET ON THE BEERS' by Bogan Brewery. A description on the rightmost can reads 'In these unprecedented times, Bogan Brewery reckons we can all agree on one thing… It's time to grab your mates and GET ON THE BEERS!

In the end, it was a pretty ordinary lager. But surely the sacrifice was worth it to give us an excuse to reminisce about this classic press conference moment by our state premier, and the months Victorians spent moaning, “Can we get on the beers yet?".

The dog beach was the place to be yesterday! Beautiful weather, and many many dogs. Gizmo certainly enjoyed himself 🐶

a shot of a beach, sand and grassy hill behind to the left, marina behind to the right a small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking away a small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking at the camera
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