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Link: “Apple is trying to redefine what it means to violate your privacy. We must not let it.” by Aral Balkan

Original post found at: https://ar.al/2021/08/08/apple-is-trying-to-redefine-what-it-means-to-violate-your-privacy-we-must-not-let-it/

There’s been a lot of outrage on social media in recent days about Apple’s decision to scan photos on people’s phones for hash collisions with material that has been reported to them to be CSAM (but as we’re likely talking hash lists originating with states, who knows – as I’ve seen asked online, “How long before the Tank Man photo appears on this list?"). This isn’t a bad blog post on the matter. Aral does also make the point that we can’t really blame consumers for being stuck between a rock and a hard place – it’s increasingly expected these days that everyone has a smartphone (for purposes like 2FA, mobile banking, Covid-19 check-ins…) and nothing outside the duopoly of Apple and Google is supported well enough to serve these purposes. People shouldn’t be expected to choose between privacy violations and living a reasonably normal, modern life… and yet…

Was pleased to see it emerge from WWDC that iOS 15 will support all the same phones that iOS 14 did(external link) – including the OG iPhone SE and 6S from 2016. I no longer have my SE, but I did give it to my sister as a hand-me-down when I upgraded, and I think it’s so good that a phone I got 3½ years' mileage out of will continue to be supported for her with years of software updates. The commitment to long-term support – particularly in the form of security updates – was a major reason why I switched from Android to iPhones in the first place, and it’s gratifying to see Apple’s commitment continue 🙂

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time peering at this machine, setting my blog up how I want it. MacBook Airs may not be the beefiest, but they feel very nice to work on, and coming from a Linux background I appreciate the Unix-ness! (#mbfeb(external link))

a photo of a rose gold MacBook Air on a light-coloured lap desk

Upgrading My iPhone

After using my trusty old iPhone SE for 3½ years, yesterday I took the plunge and switched over to an iPhone 12 mini. The phone I replaced was my first-ever iPhone, and while I don't think I was *immediately* like, “Wow, iPhones are so much better than Androids!” over time I came to be super impressed by how its performance never deteriorated (except the battery capacity, but a replacement fixed that) and the steady stream of security *and* feature updates, all direct from Apple and not held up for months, years or maybe forever by whoever keeps doing that for Android updates.

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Over the last couple of days I’ve read numerous discussions of the new M1 Macs, including this John Gruber article(external link) – by all accounts they’re incredible! Not in the market for a new computer myself, but my partner’s still rocking a 2011 MBA. I’m trying to convince him now…

Upgraded my MacBook Air to Big Sur this afternoon! (I like to wait a few days for any glaring problems to be reported on and fixed if necessary before I suffer from them.) The visual changes are subtle, and otherwise it all feels much the same. What you’d hope for, I guess.

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