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This site has a number of RSS feeds available, so you can subscribe and receive new posts directly to your feed reader if you so choose. (Not sure what that means, or how to do that? Check out the website About Feeds(external link) for more info.) Because there are a number of different categories that I blog about, you might even want to subscribe to a category-specific feed, if you’re mainly interested in posts on specific topics (like books, technology or languages).

Content Types

Master Feed – /index.xml
This feed will give you all of my content with a date attached: posts, book reviews, recipes, interactions, etc.
Posts – /posts/index.xml
This is a feed of all my posts.
Articles – /articles/index.xml
If you’d rather not get all the microposts from my “all posts” feed, this is a feed consisting solely of long-form posts which should all have a bit of substance to them.
Wiki – /wiki/index.xml
This is a feed of all the new pages to be published on my personal wiki. Updates to older pages won’t bump them to the top of this feed.
Book Reviews – /book-review/index.xml
A feed of all my book reviews. If you’re interested in all my bookish content, you might prefer my my ‘books’ category feed.
Recipes – /recipe/index.xml
A feed of the recipes I’ve published here. You can also get these in my ‘food’ category feed if you’d like to get other posts about food too.
Links – /links/index.xml
This is a feed of all my link posts, posts where I share interesting pages I've found around the web, and sometimes add some commentary.
Interactions – /interactions/index.xml
I’m not sure why you’d want this, but here's a feed specifically of my interactions – the replies and likes I make of other webpages.
Statuses – /statuses/index.xml
A feed of my status messages, backported from status.lol and compiled into daily posts.

Category Feeds

Books – /categories/books/index.xml
A feed of all my bookish posts, including my book reviews as well as other reading updates, links to articles I find about literature, other thoughts on literature, etc.
Film and TV – /categories/film-and-tv/index.xml
Posts about TV shows and movies.
Food – /categories/food/index.xml
A feed of food-related posts, including photos of my culinary triumphs, thoughts on cooking and recipes (my own and links to other people’s).
Games – /categories/games/index.xml
Posts about games, both computer games and the tabletop variety.
Internet – /categories/internet/index.xml
All posts having to do with the internet – could be about web development, social media, online privacy concerns, reminiscing about internet eras gone by, and other topics.
Languages – /categories/languages/index.xml
Posts and links about linguistics, language-learning, some specific languages, and related topics.
Life – /categories/life/index.xml
Posts of a more personal nature, where I either talk about what I’ve been up to lately or muse on my life experiences.
News and Politics – /categories/news-and-politics/index.xml
Like it says on the tin – posts and links about current events and political questions (past and present).
Pets – /categories/pets/index.xml
Posts about pets, usually my own or my parents’ but not always. Lots of photos within.
Photos – /categories/photos/index.xml
Really a catch-all category for anything with photos (that I took) in it.
Quite Interesting – /categories/quite-interesting/index.xml
Again, this is a bit of a broad topic, but this one consists of interesting facts and information from a variety of fields – science, geography, history, etc.
Site Updates – /categories/site-updates/index.xml
If you really want to stay on top of the changes I make around here, then you’re in luck, because this is a category dedicated to just that.
Sport – /categories/sport/index.xml
Posts about sport – most often cricket and Australian rules football, but sometimes others.
Technology – /categories/technology/index.xml
Some overlap with the “internet” category, but this one looks at technology more broadly (apps, hardware, non-computing technology), and excludes topics that are more the cultural side of the internet.
Transport – /categories/transport/index.xml
Posts about public transport, trains, cars, and transportation generally.
Writing – /categories/writing/index.xml
Posts about writing, but not actual posts of my writing (or at least, not of my fiction writing. obviously I had to write the posts).

Tag Feeds

In general, if you go to my archives page, click on any of the tags from there, and tack index.xml onto the end of the URL, you will find yourself at the RSS feed for that tag. A selected few that you might want to follow would be:

Australia – /tags/australia/index.xml
All things Australia.
capitalism – /tags/capitalism/index.xml
Political posts and links offering criticisms of capitalism.
economics – /tags/economics/index.xml
Posts and links to do with economics and industry.
education – /tags/education/index.xml
Posts and links about education, teaching and schools.
history – /tags/history/index.xml
Largely links, often with commentary attached, about history and sometimes also anthropology, where it concerns human history before the written record.
IndieWeb – /tags/indieweb/index.xml
Posts about the concept of the IndieWeb and related principles – owning your content, webmentions, POSSE and PESOS, etc.
privacy – /tags/privacy/index.xml
Posts and links about the importance of and threats to our privacy online.
web dev – /tags/web-dev/index.xml
Posts about HTML, CSS and various things I’ve done to get this website working the way I want it to.