One thing I did not expect when Viv and I went to pick up our new printer from Officeworks was the guy working at Officeworks picking an argument with us about how we’d made such an awful decision to even buy a printer 😬

Gidget’s now five and a half, but the tidying I did yesterday uncovered a purple hair tie that she used to play fetch with as a little baby cat. When she found it, she excitedly demanded an immediate game of fetch, even though it was 10:30pm πŸ˜‚ Still a kitten at heart! #mbfeb

a tabby cat rests on a pile of work clothes

Today’s #mbfeb prompt is banana, so I’m sharing my favourite way to eat banana: mashed into baked oatmeal! If you’d like to try the same, my recipe derives from BudgetBytes' Banana Bread Oatmeal, but I add ~25g chia seeds and a squirt of stevia instead of the sugar πŸ˜›

a bowl with a quarter-circle slice of brown baked oatmeal

Yesterday we got to bring Gizmo to the beach for the first time in a few weeks! Gizmo was loving it, charging around exploring every shrub, darting back and forth… he even got in a game of chasey with this other dog he met there. Great day 🐢

a small white dog standing on sand a small white dog standing on sand with his tongue out two small dogs, one white and one tan, sniff each other two small dogs, one white and one tan, start chasing each other

🐈 For today’s #mbfeb challenge post, I thought I’d share another photo of Gidget during the spell of hot weather we had last week. She wasn’t too convinced about needing to have her photo taken yet again πŸ˜…

a tabby cat lies sprawled out on a wooden floor, head raised to look quizzically at the camera

Why does food look more appealing when it’s colourful? Is it some kind of evolutionary adaption because in nature, colours = fruits and vegetables? πŸ€” Regardless, I enjoyed the bowl of fried rice with prawns I made last night. #mbfeb

a white bowl containing fried rice with carrot, egg and prawns garnished with spring onion

How I Integrated Webmentions Into My Hugo Static Site

Since I moved my blog over to Hugo, I’ve been wanting to do a little series of posts about various aspects of my set-up, just in case they help anyone else thinking of doing the same. This first post is about how I’ve enabled Webmentions, an important building block of the IndieWeb. As you might notice, my blog posts don’t have conventional comment forms underneath them. Instead, …

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After a few hot days (and nights) in a row, the cool change came earlier than expected this afternoon, resulting in pleasant weather – about 21Β°C. I appreciated it, at least! Looking forward to an easier night’s sleep tonight πŸ™‚ #mbfeb

view of a blue sky with a single white cloud, with a red brick building to the left and a wooden fence (with washing line) at the bottom of the frame

🏏 The ABC has published an article wondering if the death of test cricket is nigh. Honestly, I would’ve thought ODIs to be more vulnerable, lacking both the cachet of test matches and the “fast money” potential of T20s (not to mention that in Australia you can now only watch it on pay TV, which hardly anyone has – a sure sign of its impending demise). Still, it raises some good points about the increasing stratification of the cricketing world, with the “big three” riding roughshod over the “next five”, and everyone outside that top eight basically being screwed completely. There’s something very, very unsatisfying about the inequity in how world cricket is governed.

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