Not a moment too soon, our new printer has been set up! We opted to buy a Brother one, because their Mac/Linux support is reputedly good (and given the quick start guide outright says the correct driver for Macs is the open-source CUPS, I have high hopes). Now to cart the old, non-functional printer off to e-waste recycling ♻️

a computer desk, with a printer to the left, desktop computer to the right, and a stack of papers and notebooks in between

Just read this article, proposing the closed Holden factory in Adelaide be repurposed to build electric vehicles, locally. It sounds very doable. Clearly electric vehicles still don’t scale in densifying cities, where the discouragement of driving and rapid expansion of public transport are the only path leading away from traffic jam hell, but where private motor vehicles are needed and used they should certainly be electric. It’d be great if Australia could stop dragging its feet on this and do something even minimally forward-thinking for a change.

The other day when I was walking along the driveway, I looked up and noticed these avocados growing in the tree outside my neighbours' flat! 🥑 Last year the tree produced only one avocado all season long, but this year seems to have been more fruitful 😊

close-up of two avocados growing amidst the leafy branches of a tree

On Teacher Workloads

Just read this article on teacher workloads, and I had some things to say about it. While it’s painfully accurate on how current workloads are so crushing, its proposed solution is far too minor. According to the Victorian study it mentions, teachers work an average of 53 hours a week and graduate teachers an average of 60 hours – this is not remediable with a modest pay rise.

Instead, this …

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Today’s #mbfeb prompt is “pompasetting”, which apparently is a Caribbean word meaning “showing off”. Gidget has an exquisite belly which she loves to show off 😉 (Photo from three years ago, now.)

a tabby cat rolled on her side to show off a pristine white belly

Promising Young Woman at the Astor

Last night Viv and I went to the Astor to see Promising Young Woman, starring Carey Mulligan (actually it was a double-header with the 1944 film Gaslight, but Viv was too tired and we went home). It’s a black comedy thriller film, revolving around the themes of “rape culture” and the drive for revenge. And it’s so good!! Mulligan’s performance as Cassie Thomas is brilliant, the pace is snappy, and the tension and humour are on-point.

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Some of my favourite recent photos that I haven’t already posted are these: Gizmo munching on his dentastick! Probably anxiously, to make sure notorious bickie thieves (me and my family) can’t steal them. It’s a hard life being a dog 🐶

a white dog looks uncertainly at the camera, on a bed, treat clutched between his paws a white dog raises his head while chewing, showing off his lower front teeth a white dog eats a close-to-last piece of treat between his paws

The Online Firehose

FYI: This post is a rewritten and expanded version of this post that I published on Dreamwidth two years ago.

I’ve long been a pretty avid user of Twitter. I first made an account towards the end of 2007, but it was 2010–2011 that was really “peak Twitter” for me. That was when I had lots of friends on the platform, and we could use Twitter basically like a big group chat. I …

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Today’s #mbfeb prompt is “code”, so I took a photo of where I do my coding 😜 It doesn’t seem to be a “serious programmer” choice but I like to use Geany, with a solarised light colour scheme, to tinker with my website. If I need emoji support, and to write posts, I use Typora.

a rose gold MacBook Air with an IDE open

My honest opinion that I absolutely will not stand by if challenged by someone with coercive power over me is that English needs more flexibility to spell how you feel. I write “centre”, as is standard in Australian English, but “centring” looks so wrong compared to “centering”…

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