Viv and I have arrived in Canberra, after a very lengthy drive! Shout out to the ACT and NSW who are still letting Victorians in who complete a declaration form. (NSW more than the ACT, cos their form is less confusing and threatening.) Tomorrow’ll be a day of sightseeing in extremely heavy rain, fantastic stuff 😌

Gizmo got very anxious when Dad went into the bottle shop without him! Thankfully it has all these windows, so he can keep a close eye on him 🐶

a small white dog in a tartan jacket seen from behind, standing on his hind legs, paws on a glass window through which he watches a middle-aged man ponder which beer to buy

Laundry in Winter

A couple of years ago, I think, I put out a tweet that went along the lines of, “So sick of hanging out the same washing day after day and it still NEVER DRIES. How are you supposed to line-dry clothes in the winter?”

This got retweeted by a mutual with tens of thousands of followers, and then I got inundated with snarky replies like “TIL they don’t have dryers in Australia …

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Vivian’s got a job interview in Canberra late next week, so he wants us to travel up there together (driving, in case we need to make a hasty retreat back to Victoria). Cue me researching all the entry requirements for the ACT and NSW (which we obviously need to pass through), because we live in a topsy-turvy world where Australia has restrictions on internal movement 😂 That said, I think we’ll just have to fill in declaration forms that we haven’t been to any exposure sites, so long as that remains true. Then we should be fine.

Gidget seems to have adjusted surprisingly well to the “indoor cat” lifestyle. She spends a lot of time sleeping or just hangin’ out near me. Lots of opportunities to take photos 😊

a tabby cat on a brown bedspread chews her armpit a tabby cat on a brown bedspread looks off-camera to the left a tabby cat on a brown bedspread looks straight at the photo-taker

If you’re going to make a website where you sell stuff, it really, really helps to make clear what currency you’re displaying your prices in. Especially if you’re not even based in a dollar-using country, but you display all your prices with a simple dollar sign. Then I have to make a guess whether your site is localised, so you mean AUD, or whether your European or whatever company just charges everyone in USD despite that making no sense. (You would think the former, but the latter is the case like 90% of the time.) Just three letters and potential customers could actually know what your prices are, how radical ✨

Beginning a Digital Garden

I’ve decided to create a new top-level section of this site, and called it my personal wiki, although it’s the concept of digital gardening that’s inspired me in implementing it. When I started this version of my homepage it was with the intention of creating more “evergreen” content, but then I never got around to it… this section, I hope, can be a repository for all …

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