Today I added a search feature to this website, following the instructions of this tutorial(external link) then tweaking a bit. Hugo is, of course, a static site generator so any searches have to be done on the client side (that is, dear visitor, in your browser) rather than the server side. So, the way this works is, Hugo is set to generate a JSON of all the site’s content, and then if you do a search, a Java­script script searches that whole JSON. This means that the search function is pretty slow, the “search results” page has a huge (~10MB) filesize, and you have to have Java­script enabled to do it. However, if there’s something specific you know I’ve put up somewhere that you want to find again, this is probably the easiest way to look for it. Plus, I think having an in-built search gives me IndieWeb brownie points(external link) 😛

Happy Caturday, everyone! Here’s a photo of Gidget, looking very comfortable indeed as she soaks up belly rubs from my partner 😜 No one tell her that cats aren’t supposed to tolerate belly rubs, all right?

Close-up of a tabby cat who is lying on her back, her pinkish chin and white chest fur exposed to the camera. Her paws are curled up cutely.

I’m starting a rewatch of the “new” Doctor Who (2005 onwards). My tentative plan is 1–2 episodes a day (or at least most days), similar to when I first got into Doctor Who. That was 2003, when the ABC started showing every1 episode in order, from the First Doctor onwards, to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. If I manage to get through New Who, maybe I’ll start a rewatch of Classic Who afterwards 🙂

I started getting tempted to do this rewatch a few weeks ago, when there was all the hullabaloo around Jodie Whittaker’s last episode. At some point as an adult I stopped watching Doctor Who religiously, and there’s some big chunks of the show I’ve just never seen. Then there’s other chunks of the show that I did see, but don’t remember too well. Rewatching it in full just seemed like a neat thing to do! We’ll see how I go. First cab off the rank was Rose, which was… surprisingly dated… and everything about it except Rose and the Doctor themselves was naff. Nonetheless: onwards and upwards? 🙃

  1. Some serials with Daleks in them did not get aired, apparently due to a rights dispute with Terry Nation’s estate. The one I was saltiest about was the Second Doctor’s last serial, a ten-parter, which did not get aired thanks to a mere clip of a Dalek a few seconds long in one of the episodes. PS I still have never seen the Second Doctor’s last serial ↩︎

I really need things to be intrinsically rewarding, or else I leave them to the last second I possibly can. So that’s why there’s 54 minutes left of NaNoWriMo and I still need to write 979 more words 😪

UPDATE: ALL RIGHT, at 11:41pm I did it, I made it to 50,000! (50,035 in fact!) 🥳 So excited that this ordeal (which I understand was totally self-imposed) is OVER! Don’t think I’m going to be looking back at much of what I wrote this month for quite a while 😬

Had a pretty bad NaNoWriMo day yesterday, and given how late it is in the month that means I now need to write 4.5k words in two days to “win” the challenge. Doable, certainly, but I don’t think it’s gonna be easy 😪

After my bad experience a few days ago, today I’m getting recurring “shocks” in my arm, running down the same path that hurt during that blood draw. I’d say particularly when I straighten my arm, but also if I bend my hand forward, or move the arm… Guess I need to see a doctor, huh.

How is anyone supposed to resist when she looks as cute as this?! The answer is… you’re not meant to 🙂 Happy Caturday, everyone.

close up of a tabby cat with one paw over her eyes and the bridge of her nose, but her delightful snoot is still visible

Well, Viv and I have voted in the Victorian state election. In the upper house I voted BTL, with the Victorian Socialists getting my 1st and 2nd preferences and the Greens getting 3–7 (then a bunch of other parties until I was left with nothing but right-wing cookers and stopped numbering). In the lower house I voted 1 Greens because the Vic Socialists aren’t running in my seat (not that I can blame them, I wouldn’t waste resources on my bourgie-ass seat either). Put Labor ahead of the “not actually a teal” independent, and her ahead of the Libs. Would love to see James Newbury turfed out. That 19yo uni student almost beat him last time, so we have a chance 😛

I don’t think I’ve ever had a NaNoWriMo before where I’ve hewed so closely to the exact word target for each day. Usually I race ahead until I hit a brick wall, then desperately try to think of a way forward before the inexorable march of NaNoWriMo catches up with me and my brick wall, lol.

Anyway, finished today at 41,668 words, so I’m a single word in surplus 🥲 The major issue, which I am leaving for Future Me to deal with, is that I’ve run out of outline again.

So I just had to get a blood test done (for very mundane, routine reasons) and I almost fuckin’ FAINTED 😫 I knew something wasn’t right because the second she put the needle in, pain shot through my forearm to the hand, and then my hand started going numb, and then I started feeling hot and dizzy and nauseous and shortly after that, my vision started clouding over.

The technician was initially more concerned about why the blood sample was so slow to gather, but once I mentioned dizziness she swung into action and helped me get through it with water and cool wet paper towels to the forehead. She reassured me that people faint every day and I just need to tell them next time I need to lie down to get the sample drawn, but I’m still kind of distressed because I’ve had countless blood tests before and this has not happened. I’ve fainted before from overcrowded public transport but not this. Now I’m at home and just feeling physically drained, like I’ve done hours of hard labour. Not sure what happened but what a horrible experience 😫

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