It was great being able to catch up for dinner yesterday with my childhood BFF, Urvi! It had been almost 20 years since we were last able to have a proper chat – I think we’ll have to make sure it doesn’t take that long again 😅 It was a really good time.

photo of two young women, smiling broadly, at a table in a crowded and somewhat-dimly lit eatery

So excited to find out Officeworks has discovered human beings shorter than five-foot-ten exist, and now sells desks that are ergonomic for people of more diminutive stature, like me! 😍 I don’t care if they market them as “kids’ desks”; this is something below-average height women have been sorely needing for a looooong time.

Duolingo Denied Me My Achievement

For a long time in Duolingo, I have coveted the “Finish #1 in the Diamond League” achievement. It seemed to be beyond my grasp because like every single week, someone would get thousands of points ahead of me by Tuesday and prove to me that I had no chance (although I guess at least they were considerate enough to do it early, so I wouldn’t waste my time for the rest of the …

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How are some websites just coded SO badly? I don’t understand. If I scroll through a long discussion on Discord, or even just leave Duolingo open in a background tab (!), my laptop’s fans go into overdrive as these sites somehow chew up obscene amounts of CPU. How does a developer fuck up so badly???

When the weather was nice on the weekend we took Gidget for some outside time. She spent about 20 minutes on our neighbour’s AC exhaust unit soaking up the sun, then went to a shady spot (not pictured) to cool down for ten minutes, then went to said neighbour’s front porch to camp out there. The whole time she was stealing glances at the next neighbour’s front door, to see if their cat was noticing her assert her dominance 🤣

a tabby cat on an air conditioner exhaust unit, in front of a brick wall, looking at the camera the tabby cat is now looking to the top left (a magpie was over there) close-up of the tabby cat's face on a front porch, in some mottled shade a photo of the tabby cat on the front porch from further back, showing some of the potted plants around

Quick Life Updates

Felt like I should follow up on some of the things I mentioned in posts last month and then just left hanging…

  1. My sister did make it home from the UK! She said it took her 10 days from her initial positive Covid test to stop testing positive, but that still left her with a few days between recovering and her flight home to do some more sightseeing around London. She loved the Transport …

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Started a silly little CYOA story (it’s about my cat nagging me for food 😆) in Ido, using Twine, tonight. I made decent progress but I’m definitely not going to get it done tonight, so I should not try and just get some sleep instead! It’s defs been a bit of fun, though.

Today’s been a beautiful day weather-wise, sunny and 19°. I’ve been out soaking it up this afternoon, and Gidget did the same from her windowside cat bed – she didn’t even have to deal with the wind from there 😆 It’s so rejuvenating.

a tabby cat curled up loosely in a catbed, looking sleepily at the camera. she is lit up with sunlight from a nearby window. the tabby cat settles back down to sleep.
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