Gidget is a lot more wakeful today, thank goodness. She does like her purple spinning toy (apparently called a “whirlwind purrsuit”), but she’s also figured out that we only gave it to her as a replacement for going outside, so she’s really trying to hold back from playing with it to let us know that she’d prefer outside, thanks. I got these snaps on one occasion where she succumbed!

a tabby cat crouches, ready to pounce on a neon yellow dangly thing waving enticingly over the rim of her brown cat bed a tabby cat swats a neon yellow dangling thing straddling the rim of her cat bed a tabby cat sniffs at, about the bite, a neon yellow dangling thing hanging over the rim of her cat bed

Gidget’s new meds are for sure making her really sleepy. Today we walked down to a pet supplies store to buy her some new toys – things she’ll need if she can’t stimulate her mind outside any more. But she might have to become a bit more alert before she can appreciate them. 🐈

a tabby cat on a cat tower next to a window, looking sleepy a tabby cat sleeping on a cat tower, her little face dangling off the edge, her nose buried in a (just discernible) black teddy bear photo taken from a little further away of the tabby cat sleeping with her face dangling onto a black teddy bear (this time clearly visible)

We’ve brought Gidget home after her x-rays. The news is pretty bad, but not catastrophic. She doesn’t only have one luxating patella, but two, as well as bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis. She’s only 5½! So… she needs to go in for surgery in two Thursdays' time, and until then we’ve been given two pretty heavy duty medications (a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory) to give her every day. No more outside for her, either. Apparently the meds she’s on will make her loopy and any further falls could completely fuck her knee 😿 (That’s not the language the vet used but that’s the impression I got.)

But from the sounds of things, it’s not like the surgery will be some big fix-it either, although it’ll help, and it’ll stop things deteriorating further. It sounds like she’ll need some degree of ongoing care to manage chronic pain issues. The vet who called us earlier today flagged potential bimonthly appointments for some kind of injection, for example, and the vet we talked to this afternoon sort of implied ongoing daily medication. That’s OK with us, of course; it’s our responsibility as cat owners to give her the best quality of life possible. But I just feel sad for her that things have already got this bad… and to think if she hadn’t fallen out of that damn tree we might never have realised there was an issue. Anyway, one step at a time. We’ll get her through to the surgery and then see what the vets say after that.

a young woman and a tabby cat sitting on a couch together, the cat on the woman's lap

After many days in a row of somehow building up dozens of open tabs, I’ve caved in and installed the Tree Style Tabs extension for Firefox. A little scared that I’ll now amass even more tabs, but at least I can see what I already have open now 😅

I took this photo last weekend when we went on our regular beach walk. It’s only when I looked back on it that I realised how stunning the light was! It had that real autumnal yellowy glow 😊

photo of a beach taken from a low cliff. the sky is blue with wisps of cloud. to the left and bottom of frame are green shrubs. the beach is in two parts, separated by a stone thing jutting out into the sea; the beach on the left is narrower, yellower, with people and dogs just visible (they're very small); the beach on the right is wider and paler with no one on it. the ocean is pale blue, similar to the average hue of the sky.

We’ve dropped Gidget off for the x-rays she needs. To say she was unhappy would be a gross understatement. She had no dinner, Viv for some reason decided to bring the carry-case out yesterday evening so she was hiding in terror behind the couch all night, we didn’t let her outside this morning, she didn’t get breakfast, and then finally we wrenched her out of a cupboard to put her in her carry case and drop her off with strangers. How do you convince a cat that you’re doing it for her own good 😢

I think the DNS has all updated now, so that’s that: I’m now serving my site through BunnyCDN, which should mean pages, images etc. will load from a server geographically close-ish to each visitor, rather than always from my shared host’s server in the US. The real load time savings will come as more of the site actually gets cached on the CDN servers, of course, so Bunny doesn’t have to fetch so much from the slow shared hosting server.

It might seem like a bit much for a personal homepage, but Bunny is very cheap (the minimum cost of US$1 per month covers up to 100GB of bandwidth, depending on where your visitors live), and the slowness with which my own site loaded here in Australia was really annoying me. So here’s to fast loading speeds!

I’ve run into more obstacles than I thought I would, but not only do I have an Indiekit Micropub endpoint up and running now (but not working for media uploads yet), but I’ve also set up continuous deployment with Github Actions, so my static Hugo site rebuilds after every new post. This guide here was really helpful for the Github Actions stuff, and the only reason I lost three hours of my life afterwards is that I missed the really critical information that it’s written assuming you haven’t set a custom value for publishdir in your Hugo config file. Whoops.

Anyway, I have more tinkering I want to do, but I’ve been staying up late night after night and it’s time I treat myself to getting into bed before midnight. My site will still be there to tinker on tomorrow, after all…

Arkady Martine’s new book, A Desolation Called Peace (the follow-up to A Memory Called Empire) has finally come out in Australia, just two months after seemingly the entire rest of the world! I’ve slacked off on reading so much lately, but for this I need to make an exception. 📚

Gidget had to go to the vet again today. She needed a vaccination booster shot, but we also wanted her leg checked over again, because she hasn’t recovered as well from last month’s fall as we initially thought. The vet agreed, so now she’s been booked for x-rays on Friday 😢

a tabby cat sleeps on a black blanket, belly exposed with her back feet sticking up in the air
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