We took Gizmo on his usual Sunday beach walk yesterday afternoon, where he had a blast enjoying the sunshine and befriending other little dogs 😊

a small white dog and a slightly larger tan-coloured dog sniff each other in greeting another picture of the small white dog and slightly larger tan-coloured dog sniffing each other in greeting the small white dog, grinning, runs along a short wall at the side of a concrete path along the beach

This past week I had some work that took me to the southern part of the Frankston line, a section of which has just been grade-separated (lowering the railway line below road level so cars don’t have to wait at level crossings). I took some pictures of the newly rebuilt Bonbeach Station (and a shot of the view towards the beach from there, just because 😊). Honestly I thought it was pretty nice – the station is a lot closer to normal ground level than the stations further north at Ormond/McKinnon/Bentleigh, and the sandstone-like walls soften its appearance from those other stations’ imposing industrial chic. Relevant to my interests, too, the rebuilt station is further south and thus closer to where I actually had to go to work!

On a sorta related note: the station also had a friendly NZ woman working there to talk to people about the new station, and she was also rather keen on telling me how amazing all the grey and drizzly weather was 😂

a view from platform 2 of Bonbeach Station, looking south (towards Frankston) a view from platform 2 of Bonbeach Station, looking north (towards the city) a view from the overpass of Bonbeach Station, with an empty four-lane road closest to the camera, houses on the other side of that, and the sea visible about three blocks away

Wish I had more to post about at the moment but I’m just so tired. Feels like every day I’m either working and working, or busy doing yard work (or other chores) 😪 All the recent rain has made my mission to fix up the yard really slow going. Gradually getting there, I guess.

AncestryDNA Kits

So the other day, Vivian told me he’d ordered these AncestryDNA kits. Two of them, one for each of us. The day after that, they were delivered. It’s admittedly not something I’d have ordered for myself, and there are a number of reasons to be cynical about these DNA-testing companies, but Vivian is really excited about it so I’m going along with it for his sake, haha.

I …

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🐈 Nothing but srs business when you see a magpie out your window! 😾

close-up of a tabby cat's face as she frowns, ears slightly outstretched to the sides

Hot Weather People and Cold Weather People

One of the most fundamental divides in humanity is clearly the one between “hot weather people” and “cold weather people”. As I sit, huddled under blankets with the heater going, gazing out at the howling winds and hail of this November day (as if summer wasn’t just a couple of weeks away, you know?), I can safely place myself in the hot weather-loving camp.

I know …

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On Vaccine Requirements

I saw this point made the other day, on the topic of vaccination requirements before people are allowed to go to non-essential shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and so on, or to work certain jobs where they will come into frequent contact with unvaccinated or ineffectively-vaccinated people (like teachers and healthcare workers). There’ve been ongoing protests for weeks with …

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Ughhh, I HATE how lousy our bus service is. Yesterday, 10 minutes late (so I raced to the stop for nothing). Today, 2 minutes early (so I missed it). The next one isn’t for 45 minutes so I had to ask Viv to ditch WFH for a while to come drive me… 😡

This is Gidget’s “please don’t go to work, mummy” face. Been booked for the first time in months, today and tomorrow. So heartbreaking to leave her home alone though 😭

a tabby cat lies on a blue doona looking at camera, tummy exposed
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