Three (Very Different) Browser Games

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blogging front recently and part of that is that I’ve been playing a few different browser games, and finding some of my time consumed by that instead. I think browser games have definitely declined in popularity since their peak (probably related to the rise of smartphones, and people playing casual games on those instead) but I still like them, as …

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I swear I’m not usually one of those “Teenagers having fun IN PUBLIC?! Disgusting! 😡” kinds of people but choosing 9am to have a raging fiesta with ultra-loud music and a swarm of dudes yelling insults at each other two metres from my apartment windows is really a bit much.

Update: It sounded like a small child turned up to play on the playground that was also 2m from the partiers, and started crying at them in frustration (I feel you, kid, I feel you) so the teens all left. Thank God.

Ras El-Hanout

For a few months now I haven’t felt able to replenish my supplies of “boutique” or “exotic” spices and blends (the ones you can’t just get at the supermarket), because Australia Post has been so crippled by the pandemic that deliveries are falling weeks behind, if they’re getting through at all. Today, though, I really had a craving for a chicken tagine, …

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I’ve been feeling so tired in recent days 🥱 Somehow it took me way longer to adjust to DST than usual, so I kept not feeling tired and staying up too late for days on end… until it all caught up with me 😆 I actually like DST (who wants dawn at 4:45!) but this has sucked.

Sharing a couple of recent photos of the pet animals in my life 😄 On the left, a shot of Gizmo on our weekly Sunday beach walk (now they’re allowed again!) and on the right, Gidget keeping a close eye on those birds that keep showing up at her backyard 🐶😼

a white fluffy dog seen in 3/4 view, outdoors, on a gravel path a tabby cat on an outdoor chair in a purple harness, looking up and to the left of frame

The magpies have come to appreciate our small walnut treats so much that early in the mornings, they’re gathering on our back fence to sing us a lovely “rise and shine” song 😆 What great birds!

Vivian bought himself a new second-hand Nintendo Wii. While Gidget here has kept him under strict supervision, he’s been enjoying kicking back with The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time while he has a few days off work between his old job and his new 😄

a tabby cat stands on her hind legs to examine Nintendo Wii boxes on a coffee table. a guy has a drink in the background

Gidget was very intrigued when she noticed a cawing crow perched in a branch near our living room window 😼

a tabby cat on a couch, deeply focused in ‘predator mode’, sun shining on her face

Thoughts on Turn-Based RPGs

Without question, one of my favourite genres of game is the humble turn-based RPG. In the main, it’s not a very fashionable genre these days,1 and I’ve even seen some people argue that the fact that it ever existed at all was only as a “compromise”. Early gaming consoles didn’t have good enough hardware for action RPGs to work – only by separating out all the battle …

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Recently I’ve taken to throwing some walnut pieces out towards the local magpies when they stop by my house (which is not every day). Yesterday, four of them swung by (yes, one is not pictured), and they even sang a little for me (or to discourage other birds, who’s to say)! 😄

three magpies perched on a washing line, singing
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