Like of “sup” by Drew Schuster

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By the time we got to school the next day, the IT person had disabled net send across the network. We’d flown too close to the sun, and I forever learned my lesson: never read the docs.

This is a great post. I shared it with my partner and apparently he did the same thing at high school (different message though, lol). At my high school, we were just in an eternal arms race with the IT guy to find new proxy websites he hadn’t blocked yet so we could play flash games…

Like of “They Don’t Only Take Our Labor” by Tracy Durnell

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I wish white collar workers could recognize that while they’re rich compared to the poor, they’re not rich compared to the rich. If you have to work, you’re not really rich. Workers of all classes could build some solidarity together. There’s a lot of manipulative class warfare turning people who should be allies against each other, when workers are not the root of the exploitation problem: owners are.

Like of “Dear Elon Musk” by Manton Reece

Original post found at: https://www.manton.org/2022/10/27/dear-elon-musk.html

The common digital “square” should be the entire web, with a diverse set of platforms. There should be common APIs but many communities with their own rules, goals, and business models. Concentrating too much power in only a couple social media companies is what created the mess we’re in. The way out is more platforms, free to make the best decisions for their users knowing that there are options to leave and less lock-in for developers.

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