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Link: “A bunch of mayors wanted better trains, so they won Brisbane the 2032 Olympics”

Original post found at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-25/how-a-poor-train-system-brought-the-olympics-to-brisbane/100321350

To be fair, what I keep hearing from Brisbanites is that their current public transport services fucking suck, haha. Some may say it’s a little excessive to win an Olympic Games bid just to win an argument to improve them, but desperate times call for desperate measures

I feel like it is a bit of a flaw that to catch a bus in Canberra I first have to walk 45 minutes to a newsagents that sells tickets. This is a flaw in Melbourne too, of course. The inability to just buy tickets on spec is a big disincentive to new or irregular riders 😠

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For large swathes of outer-suburban Melbourne, buses are the only form of public transport available, and even in the middle suburbs (like where I live) buses are necessary to “plug the gaps” between railway lines, which fan out radially from the city and never intersect. So it’s unfortunate, then, that our bus network is so crappy.

Most Melburnians seem to see buses as a mode of …

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This morning I found PTV’s bus live tracking seemed to be based on the bus timetable instead of its actual location?! Freaked me out that the bus had somehow skipped the entire street when it was just late. Not good

I kinda thought trams had to stop at the CBD stops but the one we were trying to catch sailed right on through without stopping. Thanks, whoever was driving that 67 tram 😠

Link: “Basics: Access, or the Wall Around Your Life” by Jarrett Walker

Original post found at: https://humantransit.org/2021/03/basics-access-or-the-wall-around-your-life.html

Here’s a good article about evaluating public transport through the prism of “access”, or how much of the city you can reach within a reasonable amount of time for the given purpose. Certainly in Melbourne this is very unequal across the city; the further away you get from the inner suburbs, the more large “gaps” you get between railway lines with very poor access to the wider urban area.

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