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Link: “AI Data Laundering: How Academic and Nonprofit Researchers Shield Tech Companies from Accountability”

Original post found at: https://waxy.org/2022/09/ai-data-laundering-how-academic-and-nonprofit-researchers-shield-tech-companies-from-accountability/

I would describe this as “copyright laundering”. CC-BY-NC licenced photos become part of a university’s AI model which can then be on-sold for profit? Sounds massively dodgy.

Years ago, like many people, I used to upload my photos to Flickr with a Creative Commons license that required attribution and allowed non-commercial use. Yahoo released a database of 100 million of those Creative Commons-licensed images for academic research, to help the burgeoning field of AI. Researchers at the University of Washington took 3.5 million of the Flickr photos with faces in them, over 670,000 people (including me), and released the MegaFace dataset, part of a research competition sponsored by Google and Intel.

I was happy to let people remix and reuse my photos for non-commercial use with attribution, but that’s not how they were used. Instead, academic researchers took the work of millions of people, stripped it of attribution against its license terms, and redistributed it to thousands of groups, including corporations, military agencies, and law enforcement.

Cleaning Up My iCloud Photo Storage

Apple emailed me overnight that I’ve used almost all the space in my iCloud storage, and that I should either upgrade to the next tier up or reduce how much space I’m using. While I’m sure eventually I’ll have to upgrade to the next tier, for now I’m pretty sure I have a bunch of crap old photos I can get rid of.

So, I’ve spent a few hours today scrolling …

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Like of “Naturally enforced digital detox” by Mike Crittenden

Original post found at: https://critter.blog/2022/07/11/naturally-enforced-digital-detox/

I’ve always known that I enjoy time with the kids more when we go out and do stuff. Hiking, bounce houses, driving, whatever. I thought it was because the kids behave better when they’re out of our boring house. But now I’m realizing that not having access to my phone is a bigger factor.

When parenting is the only activity I can engage in, and there’s no phone grabbing my attention every minute, I’m a better parent. And kids have more fun and fight less with each other when they’re with a more engaged parent as opposed to a parent who’s doing the bare minimum in between checking a phone.

Viv and I went to JB Hi-Fi this evening to buy him a new 16" MacBook Pro 😛 He’s been soldiering on for almost 11 years with an old MacBook Air, but it reached time to upgrade (I was concerned his old one was going to crap out when he needs it for work)! The new one is definitely quite the upgrade. The sound system is so good that Gidget freaked out thinking there were helicopters and people shouting inside our flat when Viv started watching Bastard Boys 🤣

Link: “Is Google Dying? Or Did the Web Grow Up?”

Original post found at: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/06/google-search-algorithm-internet/661325/

[SEO expert Marie] Haynes agrees that ads’ presence on Search is worse than ever and the company’s decision to prioritize its own products and features over organic results is frustrating. But she argues that Google’s flagship product has actually gotten better and much more complex over time. That complexity, she suggests, might be why searching feels different right now. “We’re in this transition phase,” she told me, noting that the company has made significant advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to decipher user queries. […]

“The AI attempts to understand not just what the searcher is typing, but what the searcher is trying to get at,” Haynes told me. “It’s trying to understand the content inside pages and inside queries, and that will change the type of result people get.” Google’s focus on searcher intent could mean that when people type in keywords, they’re not getting as many direct word matches. Instead, Google is trying to scan the query, make meaning from it, and surface pages that it thinks match that meaning.

Yes, this is EXACTLY why modern, mainstream search engines (because it seems like all of them are moving in this direction) are so abysmal at actually giving results that are of any relevance at all to any kind of “niche” query. Its AI is hot garbage. I had a link post a while back that was also on this topic (and this article draws on that one too, for that matter).

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