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Had a weird experience today. I had to call Medicare to check on the progress of something that really should’ve been done by now (I learned that apparently “3–4 weeks” only applies if there were no public holidays during that time), and once we finally got to the point of confirming there were no issues with the form and I just had to wait a little longer, the guy started asking me if I knew about privacy issues with Google!!

Like, genuinely, he went, “You know, my friend told me that if you log into Gmail then Google gets the web address of every page you visit afterwards, do you know if that’s true?” and I found myself explaining that a) if you use Google Chrome, yes; b) if you get to web pages by searching for them in Google, then yes; and c) if you don’t block Google tracking cookies, then yes. So then he said he’d already deleted his Gmail and was going to stop using Google Search and did I recommend that he switch to Microsoft’s browser instead of Chrome…

tbh even after that I got more stories (he also suspected Google got too much insight into his life through his Android phone and had a relevant story from another friend). By the end of the call, I felt like I’d spent more time answering his questions than the other way around. I wish the Australian Government would pay me 😂

Linux on M1 Macs

So, when the first M1 Macs were released last year they were quickly recognised as some seriously impressive computers, with performance that blew rivals clean out of the water. Even some leading Linux people lamented that they’d be tempted to try an M1 Mac… but of course, Apple hasn’t bothered to make it easy for any other operating system to run on their new product line, and …

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Bookmarked “How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation”

Original post found at: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/03/11/1020600/facebook-responsible-ai-misinformation/

An interesting piece on how Facebook has always prioritised engagement over taking on misinformation. Also noticeable is how they nobbled one anti-misinformation project they did have, because it affected conservatives more than anyone else, and punishing conservatives for being much greater liars than anyone else would be “unfair” 🙄


Original post found at: https://everestpipkin.medium.com/but-the-environmental-issues-with-cryptoart-1128ef72e6a3

Until today I’d never even heard of NFTs, but the ABC published a wishy-washy puff piece of an article on them that didn’t seem to address the issues. Good timing, then, that a couple of hours later I came across this article on the problems with cryptocurrencies generally and NFTs more specifically being immense, and not solely ecological.

Not a moment too soon, our new printer has been set up! We opted to buy a Brother one, because their Mac/Linux support is reputedly good (and given the quick start guide outright says the correct driver for Macs is the open-source CUPS, I have high hopes). Now to cart the old, non-functional printer off to e-waste recycling ♻️

a computer desk, with a printer to the left, desktop computer to the right, and a stack of papers and notebooks in between

Today’s #mbfeb prompt is “code”, so I took a photo of where I do my coding 😜 It doesn’t seem to be a “serious programmer” choice but I like to use Geany, with a solarised light colour scheme, to tinker with my website. If I need emoji support, and to write posts, I use Typora.

a rose gold MacBook Air with an IDE open

How I Integrated Webmentions Into My Hugo Static Site

Since I moved my blog over to Hugo, I’ve been wanting to do a little series of posts about various aspects of my set-up, just in case they help anyone else thinking of doing the same. This first post is about how I’ve enabled Webmentions, an important building block of the IndieWeb. As you might notice, my blog posts don’t have conventional comment forms underneath them. Instead, …

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