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Link: “This is no ordinary spying. Our most intimate selves are now exposed”

Original post found at: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/27/spying-pegasus-project-states-arundhati-roy

We will have to migrate back to a world in which we are not controlled and dominated by our intimate enemy – our mobile phones. We have to try to rebuild our lives, struggles and social movements outside the asphyxiating realm of digital surveillance. We must dislodge the regimes that are deploying it against us. We must do everything we can to prise open their grip on the levers of power, everything we can to mend all that they have broken, and take back all they have stolen.

Arundhati Roy on the Pegasus project.

Link: “Why self hosting is important” by Solène

Original post found at: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2021-07-23-why-selfhosting-is-important.html

I remember when I was a kid and told my dad I wanted my own homepage (early 2000s), his reaction was to go, “OK, here’s where you can learn how to run your own web server,” which is definitely not where my mind was at the time 😂 These days I’m actually kind of tempted, if not enough to have actually made any steps towards doing so yet, so I found this an interesting read.

Link: “Police in Latin America are turning activists’ phones against them”

Original post found at: https://restofworld.org/2021/latin-america-phone-security/

In late April, a wave of protests swept across Colombia, sparked by a proposed tax reform measure that many people worried would have disproportionately affected the country’s already struggling working class. Police soon began rounding up a number of the demonstrators, including one woman in the southwestern city of Cali. Authorities handcuffed her, took her cellphone, and then left her with a group of other detainees.

At some point, a police officer returned and offered to loosen the woman’s handcuffs. As they did so, the protestor realized the officer was pressing her fingertips to her phone in order to open it, she later told Fundación Karisma, a Colombian digital rights organization. When the authorities eventually gave the protester back their device, she noticed it was unlocked.

Was pleased to see it emerge from WWDC that iOS 15 will support all the same phones that iOS 14 did – including the OG iPhone SE and 6S from 2016. I no longer have my SE, but I did give it to my sister as a hand-me-down when I upgraded, and I think it’s so good that a phone I got 3½ years' mileage out of will continue to be supported for her with years of software updates. The commitment to long-term support – particularly in the form of security updates – was a major reason why I switched from Android to iPhones in the first place, and it’s gratifying to see Apple’s commitment continue 🙂

Ugh, the import-export headache gets me again. Goodlinks only exports in JSON format, while Raindrop.io can import from HTML, CSV, TXT or some special Pinterest export tool but not JSON. It didn’t like the output of a JSON-to-CSV converter either, so because I’m fussy, converting that CSV file manually to HTML now… 🤯

Initial Thoughts on Firefox Proton

Firefox auto-updated to the new Proton UI for me yesterday. My first impressions are that I’m fine with the general look and feel – it blends in more in macOS, although tabs with no separators between them feels weird – but I have had a couple of irritations that I’ve changed settings in about:config to fix.

  1. By default the tabs are too tall! On a laptop, vertical space is at a premium …

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Last night I got started setting up NextDNS. I run µBlock Origin pretty religiously on all my computers, but I’m looking forward to having more reliable ad blocking on my iPhone, and I’m going to see if I can convince my partner to use it and leave the ad-watching lifestyle behind 😅

One issue I have had is trying to set it up at the router level. I do have IPv6 set up but my router won’t let me set IPv6 addresses for DNS. My IPv4 address is dynamic so I’ve tried to do the “linked IP” approach, but apparently my ISP’s use of CGNAT means that won’t work. Surprisingly it actually is working for the wired connection with my TV, but it doesn’t seem to for anything connected to the wifi networks.1 I’m not really knowledgeable enough to try to fix this, so I guess I’ll just deal with the minor inelegance of installing apps!

  1. Correction: While it didn’t work on my laptop, actually other devices in my home seem to be going through NextDNS just fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ↩︎

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