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Years ago I used to be active on Q&A site Quora. These days I can’t really be bothered with it (especially when I get emailed comments from people who lack reading comprehension!! 😠) but it occurred to me some of my answers from there might make good posts. So… stay tuned 👀

So I think I’ve now got interactions set up and displaying properly!

I’m relying on webmention.app to actually send my responses out, and while that seems to work well with Bridgy and to webmention.io endpoints, in my limited experience so far it seems kind of flaky when the destination is a Wordpress blog using a plugin to have a self-hosted endpoint. Unless it’s just confused by likes with no original content… IDK. More experimentation needed, maybe. Anyway, regardless, my implementation is basically working 😊

It’s been a busy day of barely doing anything but website work, but I’m making good progress getting the Hugo blog up and running 🙂 Today I have:

  • Set up Bridgy and started displaying webmentions under each post (where they exist). I’ve gotta say, Bridgy is very nifty indeed!
  • Created an archive page including what I think is a sweet view for month/year/front page views… I was so inspired by Micro.blog’s Tagmoji that every post now has an emoji going with it 😉
  • Imported my old posts up to December 30 last year. This is a manual process so I can fix up images and include syndication links (for Bridgy, in theory), which makes it very slow… but I’m getting there 😪

If I have the endurance I hope to finish importing posts tomorrow. Then I’d like to code templates for bookmark/like/reply posts. And then finally (gasp!) I should be able to rest on my laurels a bit.

My first blog entry on Hugo

Hello world! For a little while now I’ve been working on adding a blog to my Hugo-generated static site, and I thought it was about time to inaugurate my creation with an actual (public) post.

For the past three months I’ve been blogging diligently on Micro.blog, which incidentally is an awesome service I’d recommend to anyone who wants a lightweight, no-fuss, blog or microblog. …

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Improving Load Times by Fixing My Images

As I mentioned in my post about Gemini, mine is a lightweight website for the most part; it’s built with a static site generator, I don’t use any heavy Javascript includes, and there are certainly no ads or trackers. The main exception I mentioned then was images: these were, by far, the major thing blowing out the filesizes (and loading times) of my pages and I knew there were …

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It’s actually ridiculous how much time I’ve put into this, but after posting the other day about wanting to track my reading on my own site better, I’ve started making some of the changes. In particular, I now have a reading “portal” which shows what I’m currently reading, and links to other content; and I have a “to read” list which got surprisingly massive as I added all my different silo “to read” lists together (from Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.) 🤯 And I’ve also imported another big batch of reviews from my Goodreads! Bit by bit I’ll get this done.

My custom layout is live! Click through to my blog’s front page if you’d like to see. Converting the theme from my static site wasn’t that hard, but trying to perfect my microformats2 use was another thing entirely 😂 Regardless, very pleased now with how it’s turned out.

Having worked hard over the past 24 hours, I can now link you to my static personal website! ☺️ As of right now the site only consists of two pages, and as I need more complicated formatting I’ll have to add to the stylesheet, but I’m pretty happy with it so far, especially with the responsive design (and now I understand why single-column layouts have skyrocketed in popularity). If I can adapt the theme to work with Micro.blog, that might be nice too – make the two halves of my online presence feel like a unified whole. Either way, this feels like a satisfying step forward.

Honestly, much as it pains me that I’ve wasted my whole morning working on this, I think I’m going to give up converting my very old blog to a static archive site and just delete the damn thing. My main reasons:

  1. A lot of this material is stuff that, to be honest, I don’t mind vanishing off the face of the internet.
  2. Even if I did mind, it turns out the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has done an excellent job archiving material.
  3. Originally I wanted to keep it around to prevent link rot, but considering I already changed the subdomain and didn’t set up redirects years ago I think that’s a long-lost cause 😂
  4. For those few posts that are on worthwhile, evergreen topics, I can always write about those again here. I can even reuse parts of the original posts, I guess; it’s not like old-me is going to take current-me to task over plagiarism!

I do have some mixed feelings, I guess. The ephemerality of much of the web makes me uncomfortable sometimes, particularly the loss of my own content, even though I find some of what my younger self said kinda cringey 😂 (Who doesn’t?) But at the same time, I can’t keep stuff online in an unmaintained blog running on abandonware that I’d guess broke on the release of PHP7. For real longevity, static websites seem like the way to go… closely followed by paying a host to maintain your platform for you (which is what I’m doing here on Micro.blog, after all!) and trusting them not to go out of business, haha. Here’s hoping to not have a repeat of this morning’s headache any time soon!

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