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Time for a Not-So-Fun Hugo Fact!

If you have a post with only one category, and choose between adding it to your post’s YAML metadata in one of the following ways:

- Category Name
categories: Category Name

Those are not the same! According to Hugo, the first one is an array (of one item), and the second one is a string. So then if you later want to make a template where you range all posts’ categories, …

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I just can’t stop tinkering 🙈 It’s been quiet on the blog for a few days, but I’ve added a bunch more wiki pages, including on the collapse of the USSR, the Inca Empire, the Transatlantic accent and Cyrillic. Also made it so that the wiki’s front page no longer lists EVERY wiki page (there are too many now!) and my RSS feeds no longer include wiki pages (except for, obviously, the wiki section feed) because TBH it was making me too self-conscious to publish new pages knowing they would appear in the RSS feed 😅

Over the last couple of days I’ve done a bit more site tinkering, and revamped my tag pages. Basically I wanted to be clearer about what the difference is between a tag and a category: a category is more like a channel, with posts on a similar theme but not all on the same subject, while a tag is more like a topic. So, the tag pages now (mostly) have a tag description at the top of the page (some of them seemed kind of self-explanatory or I couldn’t think of a good description though), and rather than being a paginated stream of all my content mixed together, they have shorter links grouped by content type (wiki pages, then blog posts, then link posts, then interactions). Many of them are like rudimentary wiki pages now 😛 And that’s why I wanted to make the change – to make it easier to link related content, and have kind of “stub wiki pages” for things I haven’t mustered up the energy to write full-length wiki pages for.

Digital gardening is fun 😅

On the off-chance anyone is interested, I just published a big batch of languages-related pages from my Obsidian vault to my personal wiki. Most can be found if you start clicking links from the Romance languages page, but I also published one on the 2020 Scots Wikipedia crisis.

I’m not really sure the best way to bring stuff over from Obsidian to here – it has to be somewhat manual because I have to rewrite the internal links, and I also have a bunch of notes that I’m not really sure are worth making public (and some that I’m certain aren’t). But doing these big batches seems less than ideal, too 😅 I also get concerned that doing them might flood the feed reader of people who subscribe to one of my RSS feeds (the “master feed” or a category-specific feed will include new wiki pages). That’s sorta why I waited until now even though I wrote most of these pages a couple of weeks ago (so only a few will appear in the 20 latest entries of the feed – unless you subscribe to my “Languages” feed in which case you’ll get quite a few, but I figure that’s what you signed up for 😂). I don’t know, would it be better to exclude wiki pages from RSS feeds entirely, and just make a little note post like this when I add something new that might be interesting to others? But then I’d get self-conscious making note posts because I don’t wanna come across like I’m saying, “I GUARANTEE this new wiki page’ll be worth your time!” Something tells me I’m overthinking it, haha.

Did something I’ve been intending to do for a while, and added glightbox(external link) to this site so you can click any photos I post to see them at the highest resolution. Especially helpful if you visit on a mobile. I also put in per-post galleries, so if you’re already viewing a photo at max res, you can click arrows (or swipe) to see other photos in the same post, but it won’t mix in other photos that aren’t in the same post even if they’re on the same page. (I also worked out how to generate names for the data-gallery attribute automatically from the post slug, so I didn’t have to go back and edit every single existing photo post – that was the most challenging part of this whole pro­cess 😛) If you have Javascript disabled, it should degrade gracefully to just link to the photo. Not all my pictures look totally crisp at full size, but hopefully this still makes it easier to admire all my gorgeous cat and dog photos 😉

It’s been bugging me for a while that Vercel is generating incorrect “last modified” datetimes for my wiki pages on this site. What it seems to be doing is getting the last modified date only if it’s within the ten most recent commits. If the last modification was further back than that, it prints the last modified datetime of the tenth-most recent commit. From the docs(external link) it looks like Vercel is not even fetching git commit author dates (but commit SHAs and commit author logins, those it fetches…), so instead I guess it stores some cache that only goes back ten commits? I have no real clue, but because I don’t know how to fix this, I’ve commented out the part of my template that generated “last modified” text for my wiki pages. Better to display nothing than to have it display something that’s wrong for the vast majority of pages…

I mean… one way to fix this would be to build my site using GitLab’s CI/CD and just upload the built files to Vercel, instead of GitLab merely passing the source files along for Vercel to build. But ugh, what a hassle to change that all around 😩 Another strategy would be to manually set a “last modified” date in the front matter of pages I want to have one, and display that in preference to whatever git says. (Or even disable enableGitInfo entirely, if it’s just resulting in junk data.) That’d also be annoying, though. So, for the moment, I think just not displaying “last modified” dates’ll have to be the go.

A Quick Tour of My New Theme

So, this is not the ground-up overhaul I mentioned wanting to do in yesterday’s entry. (If it was, there wouldn’t be so much wasted horizontal space on desktop.) However, if there’s one thing that’s true about myself, it’s that sometimes my brain just won’t let go of an idea. Even if it was something I had no intention of doing any time soon, once my internal …

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Uhh, well here’s a little Vercel quirk to be aware of: its default build command for Hugo repositories builds all your drafts as if they were ready-to-go finished posts 🤯 It’s not like I had a burn book stashed away in my Hugo drafts or anything but it’s definitely something I wish I’d noticed yesterday! TBH it’s so random it hadn’t even occurred to me they could possibly be doing that – the “build drafts” flag -D is something you have to explicitly add to the basic hugo build command, after all. Fixed now, anyway.

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