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Is It a Wrap or a Flour Tortilla?

The other day I caught myself wondering what is actually the difference between a wrap and a flour tortilla (you know, other than wraps being in the “bakery” section of the supermarket and tortillas in “international foods”). I did a web search, and found to my surprise that there actually are some differences… at least in theory:

  • wraps contain yeast, while tortillas do …

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Link: “Paradox of Choice” by Pete Moore

Original post found at: https://pimoore.ca/2021/07/26/paradox-of-choice.html

This is a good, creatively-written piece on “indecision paralysis” (whatever you call the phenomenon – as it notes, it goes by many names). It reminds me of something similar I’ve read in terms of what immigrants from Eastern Bloc countries to the West would experience when they first went to a supermarket, and people would be like, “Isn’t it so great you have so many options for toothpaste now?!” and they’d respond like no, this does not enhance my life at all. For so many things, some options are good, too many is a burden.

In other news, apparently there’s a malady called Christmas eye(external link) that occurs near Albury-Wodonga in summer, which is when a specific type of bug gets squashed in your eye and squirts a noxious bodily fluid in there causing excruciatingly painful blisters on your cornea. Yikes.

Link: “What cats’ love of boxes and squares can tell us about their visual perception”

Original post found at: https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/05/what-cats-love-of-boxes-and-squares-can-tell-us-about-their-visual-perception/

It is a truth universally acknowledged—at least by those of the feline persuasion—that an empty box on the floor must be in want of a cat. Ditto for laundry baskets, suitcases, sinks, and even cat carriers (when not used as transport to the vet). This behavior is generally attributed to the fact that cats feel safer when squeezed into small spaces, but it might also be able to tell us something about feline visual perception.

Antipodes of the World

When I was a kid, I was somewhat obsessed with this question of, “If you tunnelled straight down into the Earth and right through the core out to the other side, where would you emerge?” It seems like some in Britain think you’d emerge right here, in Australia – hence the use of the word “antipodean” for Australians and New Zealanders – and my dad used to tell me that …

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Reviewing Victoria's Public Holidays

For those who are unaware, today (Sunday, 25 April) is the public holiday of Anzac Day, which commemorates a campaign whereby Australian and NZ soldiers tried to invade part of modern-day Turkey at the behest of the British, who had put together their plan so haphazardly that it was pretty much doomed from the start, and got solidly trounced. Now, even when I was a kid I didn’t really like …

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