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It’s Caturday, once again! Here’s Gidget, soaking up some of today’s sunshine in our little courtyard. (Well, actually this photo was taken in a shady spot, but she had been soaking up the sunlight.)

a tabby cat in a purple harness (leash trailing away to the side) lying on a bed of dead grasses

Gidget says I can’t use my computer chair today 😢

a tabby cat lying on an office chair with her belly exposed, watching the photo-taker

Update: The computer chair situation has been resolved. At 9:16am she got the zoomies and bolted to the kitchen 🤣

Got notified today that my glasses had arrived at the store, so I went to pick them up, and now, well… here I am! It wasn’t so obvious there, but now I’m home: WOW, everything is so much clearer. Who knew how sharp DVD titles could be from the other side of the room?! 🤯

a young white woman with long brown hair, wearing round-framed glasses. she is smiling

Viv and I celebrated day #2 of our four-day long weekend today by going on an excursion to Melbourne Zoo 😊 It only rained on us a little bit, towards the end of the visit, and overall we enjoyed our day. Have a selection of photos I took that actually turned out OK!

two elephants walking around at the zoo two lions just chillin' at the zoo a few zebras and two giraffes at the zoo some cute animal (I forgot its name) eating a capsicum

Usually I forget all about Caturday until I see all the North Americans’ Caturday posts on Sunday, but this time I am PREPARED 😅 Most of my recent Gidget pictures are snaps of her hilarious expressions of RAGE when she sees birds in the backyard, so that’s what you get. Enjoy!

a tabby cat lying on a bed, looking really angry
the tabby cat looks at the camera, disgruntled the tabby cat looks back at the birds outside, still disgruntled
profile view of the tabby cat sitting right at the window, looking outraged funny-angled shot of the cat kind of above her to the front. she is still angry more of a three-quarter view of the tabby cat who is still angry

Last night I made chicken cacciatore for dinner, working off Alexandra Wolfe’s recipe(external link). It came out sooooo well! 😋 Big hit with both of us, and of course we got to enjoy the rest of the bottle of red wine with it, haha. I think this’ll be going on the regular rotation.

close-up of chicken cacciatore in a white bowl

I have a bit of a backlog of Gidget photos now, but rest assured, she’s doing well 😅 She LOVES my new office chair (seen here rolling about playfully on it), and she’s also letting Viv sleep in to the late hour of 6:30am now she doesn’t have to diet any more 😭

a tabby cat in the process of rolling over and batting the photographer with a paw

I know I’ve been quiet for a few days; we had a really busy weekend (one of Viv’s cousins got married! congrats to them!), and it made me too tired to work out what to post 😂 At Saturday’s nelengu everyone got these gorgeous henna tattoos, so I suppose I can share a pic of mine! It’s still going mostly strong three days later, and I really like having it there actually! Viv suggested to me we should get them more often, because he likes his as well. I’m not sure if that’s a Thing People Do though, haha.

a white-skinned hand, outstretched, with an intricate floral design printed on it from henna

It was great being able to catch up for dinner yesterday with my childhood BFF, Urvi! It had been almost 20 years since we were last able to have a proper chat – I think we’ll have to make sure it doesn’t take that long again 😅 It was a really good time.

photo of two young women, smiling broadly, at a table in a crowded and somewhat-dimly lit eatery
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