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Noisy day today. The construction site next door seems to be digging out all the earth where their underground carpark is going to go. Currently they have a massive embankment of dirt visible over our shared fence. Gidget is unimpressed. (But sitting with excellent symmetry!)

a tabby cat sitting on a wooden floor, staring flatly at the photo-taker

Took a little selfie with Gidget this morning… and at the same time I get to show off this neat new jumper I bought, featuring Chilean “riot dog” Negro Matapacos! 😄 Gonna wear it out tonight to our little Election Night party.

a white girl with long brown hair with a sleepy tabby cat on her lap. the jumper is a bit hard to make out at this angle but you can see illustrated black dog ears and part of its name: ‘Matapacos’ a clearer view of the jumper. there's an illustration of a black dog with a red neckscarf and the words ‘Negro Matapacos – He was a good boy’

Gidget’s week has been full of ups and downs. Some days she’s felt starved (Monday when she nagged Viv to give her ⅔ of her daily food before 6am was a bad one) but as the week’s gone on she’s seemed better and better about the diet. She’s weighed in at 7kg a couple of days, which suggests it’s doing what it’s supposed to! The biggest down has been the poo-stravaganza she launched when I was in the shower yesterday, but I suppose her human servants’ dedication must be tested occasionally… (she’s NEVER done anything like it before, so idk, I hope it’s a one-off).

a tabby cat sitting in a sultry manner with a pink flower-shaped cushion on a grey couch, looking to the left of the photo-taker the same tabby cat in mostly the same position, now looking straight at the photo-taker

Gizmo decided to be a real bro to his best friend Gidget when he visited last night. He nagged and nagged Vivian to feed him cat food until Vivian finally caved in. Then the second the food hit the bowl, he ducked out and let Gidget violate her diet by eating everything 🤣

a small white dog sits on a grey couch, pointedly looking away from the photo-taker with his face in ¾ profile view

As you might remember, Gidget has been on a vet-ordered diet for the last 10 days. She is very unimpressed with it. Look at this face she gave me when I only topped up her water before going to bed last night, rather than giving her another serve of kibble 🙀

a tabby cat sits next to a stand with three bowls, two of which are empty (one has kibble dust) and the last of which is full of water. the tabby cat is staring at the photo-taker so intensely as if trying to exert mind control

When you need to get up and eat lunch, but a certain cat has you trapped by your arm… 🐈

a tabby cat curled up in a shrimp-like position, on top of a black blanket. a lap desk with a pink MacBook Air is visible to one side, and a human in grey sweatshirt just discernible underneath the blanket, lap desk and cat.

Thought I’d share these couple of pictures of Gidget on my lap in the bed the other night. She’s a very good snugglebug ❤️🐱

a tabby cat on my lap in the bed (the lap is under the doona but you can see the lumps where my legs are), looking at me through half-open eyes the tabby cat in much the same position but now with her eyes closed blissfully

Gizmo came by for a visit last night (he dragged his humans along with him too, of course 🤣), and laid claim to my cushion! Looking at his sweet little face, naturally, I decided he was totally right and let him have the cushion 🐶

a small white dog on a couch, resting his head on a pink flower-shaped cushion, looking wearily at the photo-taker

Here’s Gidget spending a sunny afternoon in her cat bed! Not pictured: the dozens of times Gidget gave me a very non-photogenic side-eye before I finally caught her asleep 😼 Cats will not be tamed 🐈

a tabby cat in shrimp position in a brown cat bed, sleeping happily with sunlight streaming onto her
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