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I forgot about Caturday until the next day again πŸ™ˆ At any rate, here’s Gidget, incensed that the magpies are dropping by regularly again after a couple of months in which we hardly saw them. Don’t these magpies understand that this is CAT territory! 😀

Relative close-up of a tabby cat's face as she lies on a red blanket on a bed, looking leftwards with one ear very sharply positioned so as to hear all The same tabby cat on a different occasion, perched on her cat tower, looking left again with an expression of shock on her face

It’s Caturday! Here’s a pic of Gidget from earlier today, after she successfully convinced Viv to let her outside not on her leash, then promptly jumped the fence to the construction site next door 😩 When he went to look for her, she snuck back. Satisfied with a job well done

a tabby cat lying very relaxedly on a bed, awake to keep an eye on what the human with the camera is doing

Had a really productive writing day yesterday, and then we were charged with babysitting Viv’s nephew, which meant hanging out with Gizmo’s parents, Beautiful and Patches! πŸ˜‚ They claimed lots of pats, scritchies and belly-rubs, as we watched five hours of The Simpsons πŸ™ˆ

A white-coloured Maltese-shih tzu cross resting on a black leather couch, looking nervously at the camera
A scruffy Maltese-shih tzu cross with tan patches on whitish fur, looking to one side The scruffy dog with patches, now looking up at something just above the camera

Yesterday when we were taking Gizmo on his weekly beach walk, we encountered this ADORABLE puppy! It may have been overwhelmed by the amount of activity on the beach, or else just overdue for his nap, but he first collapsed between Viv’s feet for a nap, and then on Emma’s foot 🀣 Gizmo was VERY unhappy about this interloper, and whimpered jealously about his humans fussing over dogs that aren’t him…

A tiny golden retriever puppy, curled up to sleep between the legs of a man wearing tracksuit pants and runners on a sandy beach The same puppy, having now fallen asleep on the sneaker of a young woman wearing long black socks with cherries on them

I know it’s been really quiet on this blog lately, and I haven’t done a Caturday post in like a month, so why not address both issues in one go? πŸ™ˆ Here’s Gidget, chillin’ in one of her favourite spots (on a cardboard box). 🐈

A tabby cat curled up on top of a cardboard box, staring at the photo taker as in β€˜what do you want?’ The same tabby cat on top of the cardboard box; she hasn't moved, but has fallen peacefully back to sleep

Yesterday Viv and I went to babysit (or hang out with, really; she’s pretty responsible) Viv’s niece. What that also meant was… getting to hang out with their dog, Daisy! 😁 Daisy was a good sport about having his photo taken with me, only requesting many tummy rubs in return.

Selfie of a white girl with glasses and long brown hair with a tan-coloured poodle-cross who's looking straight at the camera Another selfie at a similar angle, but this time the dog is looking away. There's also a Christmas tree now visible in the background.

It had been a while since the previous time, because my Dad needed to recover from his operation and then last week Vivian had the flu, but last night GIZMO VISITED! And he’s been groomed recently, so he was looking beautiful, too πŸ’•

a little white dog, closely shorn, looking up anxiously at the camera which he believes is a soul-capturing machine

I didn’t completely forget about Caturday yesterday, but I did forget to upload a picture πŸ™ˆ Nonetheless, it’s still Caturday somewhere in the world, so here we go! Here’s Gidget, outraged by the return of the magpies after they’d been away a couple of weeks.

close-up of a tabby cat on a bed, with a red blanket in the foreground, frowning in alarm and rage

Happy Caturday, everyone! Here’s a photo of Gidget, looking very comfortable indeed as she soaks up belly rubs from my partner 😜 No one tell her that cats aren’t supposed to tolerate belly rubs, all right?

Close-up of a tabby cat who is lying on her back, her pinkish chin and white chest fur exposed to the camera. Her paws are curled up cutely.

How is anyone supposed to resist when she looks as cute as this?! The answer is… you’re not meant to πŸ™‚ Happy Caturday, everyone.

close up of a tabby cat with one paw over her eyes and the bridge of her nose, but her delightful snoot is still visible
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