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This morning, Gidget actually led us to her harness and started prodding it and indicating—she’s coming to accept that the harness and leash is her ticket to outside! 😸 She had a blast a) trying to chase off Gracie, despite the leash and b) chewing these flower things.

a tabby cat with a purple leash chews a flower from a grassy plant the tabby cat looks up from her chewing at something out of frame (it's Gracie)

Chillin’ with Gidget this afternoon. A new pair of runners I’d ordered arrived in the mail (see top left of frame); relief, since I hadn’t got any email updates since “we’re preparing it in our warehouse” 😅 They’re supposed to be waterproof, which’ll be useful on beach walks!

a sleeping tabby cat with a white belly, her head resting near a grey sneaker-wearing foot

It’s like The Birds around my place today. Currawongs everywhere, digging through our gutters for soft weeds to turn into nests! Gidget has been loving it – “it’s like cat TV but real life” I think sums up her thinking – except she got a bit freaked out when I took her outside (on a leash) with me while I hung out laundry, and chose to hide under a chair 😂 To be fair, those currawongs are tough as nails. They were outright landing on the washing line or just perching on my fence to stare daggers at me as I worked… if I were a cat I’d hide, too.

a tabby cat, indoors, looks up and right very alertedly

I don’t think Gidget understands that me putting her on a leash and going out with her are actually preconditions to her being allowed outside, and not just me letting her out but then deciding to tag along because I’m a dweeby human who can’t think of anything better to do than cramp her style.

Or maybe she does understand, and she’s just pretending not to in the hope that I’ll give up and let her out to roam like she could before. Cats are pretty cunning, after all 🤔

I went to the pet supplies shop today and bought this nifty harness for Gidget, so we can take her outside in a controlled way (i.e. not let her jump or climb on things, as per the vet’s instructions). She enjoyed a quick visit to the park behind our place… until some kids ruined it by coming to play on the playground 🙈 According to Gidget, playgrounds are strictly for cats!

a tabby cat, with a purple harness and purple leash, looks alarmedly to her left as she stands on ground covered in fallen leaves, in the shade of some nearby plants

Gizmo got very anxious when Dad went into the bottle shop without him! Thankfully it has all these windows, so he can keep a close eye on him 🐶

a small white dog in a tartan jacket seen from behind, standing on his hind legs, paws on a glass window through which he watches a middle-aged man ponder which beer to buy

Gidget seems to have adjusted surprisingly well to the “indoor cat” lifestyle. She spends a lot of time sleeping or just hangin’ out near me. Lots of opportunities to take photos 😊

a tabby cat on a brown bedspread chews her armpit a tabby cat on a brown bedspread looks off-camera to the left a tabby cat on a brown bedspread looks straight at the photo-taker

Took Gidget to the vet today – they removed her stitches and she’s officially free of her cone! She was so excited to catch up on all the paw-chewing she’s missed 🐾

a young woman in a white hoodie takes a selfie with a tabby cat, whose hind leg is outstretched and toes extended so she can gnaw at the gap

Gidget went to the vet this afternoon, and they took the bandage off her hind leg. They said it’s healing well, she’s even putting a little weight on it when she walks, and she should be able to get the stitches taken out next week. So… another week with the cone, sorry Gidgey.

a tabby cat glares at the photo-taker from within a plastic cone; to the left side, her legs (including one recently-shaved one) are visible
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