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It’s Caturday, once again! Here’s Gidget, soaking up some of today’s sunshine in our little courtyard. (Well, actually this photo was taken in a shady spot, but she had been soaking up the sunlight.)

a tabby cat in a purple harness (leash trailing away to the side) lying on a bed of dead grasses

Gidget says I can’t use my computer chair today 😢

a tabby cat lying on an office chair with her belly exposed, watching the photo-taker

Update: The computer chair situation has been resolved. At 9:16am she got the zoomies and bolted to the kitchen 🤣

Usually I forget all about Caturday until I see all the North Americans’ Caturday posts on Sunday, but this time I am PREPARED 😅 Most of my recent Gidget pictures are snaps of her hilarious expressions of RAGE when she sees birds in the backyard, so that’s what you get. Enjoy!

a tabby cat lying on a bed, looking really angry
the tabby cat looks at the camera, disgruntled the tabby cat looks back at the birds outside, still disgruntled
profile view of the tabby cat sitting right at the window, looking outraged funny-angled shot of the cat kind of above her to the front. she is still angry more of a three-quarter view of the tabby cat who is still angry

I have a bit of a backlog of Gidget photos now, but rest assured, she’s doing well 😅 She LOVES my new office chair (seen here rolling about playfully on it), and she’s also letting Viv sleep in to the late hour of 6:30am now she doesn’t have to diet any more 😭

a tabby cat in the process of rolling over and batting the photographer with a paw

When the weather was nice on the weekend we took Gidget for some outside time. She spent about 20 minutes on our neighbour’s AC exhaust unit soaking up the sun, then went to a shady spot (not pictured) to cool down for ten minutes, then went to said neighbour’s front porch to camp out there. The whole time she was stealing glances at the next neighbour’s front door, to see if their cat was noticing her assert her dominance 🤣

a tabby cat on an air conditioner exhaust unit, in front of a brick wall, looking at the camera the tabby cat is now looking to the top left (a magpie was over there) close-up of the tabby cat's face on a front porch, in some mottled shade a photo of the tabby cat on the front porch from further back, showing some of the potted plants around

Today’s been a beautiful day weather-wise, sunny and 19°. I’ve been out soaking it up this afternoon, and Gidget did the same from her windowside cat bed – she didn’t even have to deal with the wind from there 😆 It’s so rejuvenating.

a tabby cat curled up loosely in a catbed, looking sleepily at the camera. she is lit up with sunlight from a nearby window. the tabby cat settles back down to sleep.

That feeling of power you get when your cat has been nagging for food for three hours and you just go to the kitchen to heat up your own lunch and give the cat nothing 😎 (DW, she had her full breakfast this morning, she’s fine)

Gidget was OUTRAGED to see this total stranger tabby cat taking a jaunty walk through her yard! The other cat was VERY intrigued to see us through the window, but Gidget sent ’em packing with a fearsome display snarling and scratching at the window 😂 Poor other tabby.

a tabby cat (back of head visible, in focus) sits at a window, looking outside at another tabby cat (not in focus) in a yard full of grassy weeds. basically the same as picture #1 but in this one the foreground tabby is out of focus and the outdoors tabby is in focus
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