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Every time I take Gidget “out on a walk”, this is how it ends up – with her just chillin’ on this aircon exhaust unit a scant few metres from our front door 🀣 As soon as our neighbour came outside, though, she decided she’d had enough outside time and wanted to go back in FAST!

a tabby cat perched on an aircon exhaust unit in a flowerbed, in front of a brick wall

Seems like it’s been ages since I last posted anything to this blog (!) but I might as well break the drought with a Gidget pic 😊 Happy Caturday, everyone!

a tabby cat loosely curled up and snoozing peacefully on a brown bedspread

It’s Caturday once again, so here’s a photo I took of a cat I saw on my walk to the supermarket the other day πŸ˜… It didn’t run away, but it did keep me under VERY close watch until I moved on!

a grey-and-white cat as seen through the metal slats in an otherwise-concrete fence outside an apartment block

My folks have gone away for the Labour Day long weekend, so we’re looking after Gizmo! So far today he’s:

  1. tried to trick me into thinking he’s too depressed to eat, then abruptly lunged and snarled at me when he thought I was going to eat his dog food πŸ™„
  2. tried to trick me into thinking he doesn’t like dentastix any more, and needs better treats
  3. rejected Gidget’s overtures to play with him at least twice (!) although to be fair, on one of the occasions he was asleep and Gidget woke him up with her surprise attack
  4. settled down on the bed with Gidget, as you see in the second photo
  5. gone on an exciting beach walk where he met other little dogs, peed on lots of bushes, and had a dunk in the ocean water
  6. settled on the couch with me and Gidget while I watched an episode of Doctor Who
  7. heard a cat meowing angrily at another cat outside, then ran to Gidget and me, barking to raise the alarm about this emergency situation
a scruffy little white dog curled up on a bed, staring at the camera
a double bed with a tabby cat curled up, resting peacefully, at one end and a scruffy little white dog doing the same at the other the scruffy little white dog, now with wet little chicken legs from when he waded in the water, greeting another little dog (this one is black and grey) on a beach, near the ocean's edge

It’s Caturday (still for another few minutes) and Gidget is NOT feeling it πŸ˜… I think she wishes she could zip her igloo up to hide from the human pawpawrazzi!

a cat's rear foot (white with a large black diamond shape on it, and pink little toe beans) sticking out of a brown cat igloo

Gidget: “Why you staring at me? Why taking photo of me in laundry basket??? I feel at home here. I am a laundry.”

a tabby cat lying on her side in a laundry basket, wide awake and alert to the human snapping her photo

Happy Caturday, everyone! 😸 This week I have a photo of Gidget determinedly sitting on this spot next to the TV (not pictured: everything that had been in that spot that she knocked onto the floor behind the entertainment unit). She thought I was being a bit insufferable taking her photo.

a tabby cat mostly lying down on a white surface next to a TV, but her head is upright, leaning against the TV. she is gazing into the distance, attitudily pretending to be unaware of the human taking her photo

Caturday is upon us again! This week, apparently the best cat photo I’ve taken is this one of Gidget on Viv’s clothes. She was clearly unimpressed with me thinking that this was something that warranted having its photo taken πŸ˜‚

a tabby-and-white cat lounging on a camouflaged-patterned pair of men's shorts (and a cap), staring directly at the camera in disbelief

I forgot about Caturday until the next day again πŸ™ˆ At any rate, here’s Gidget, incensed that the magpies are dropping by regularly again after a couple of months in which we hardly saw them. Don’t these magpies understand that this is CAT territory! 😀

Relative close-up of a tabby cat's face as she lies on a red blanket on a bed, looking leftwards with one ear very sharply positioned so as to hear all The same tabby cat on a different occasion, perched on her cat tower, looking left again with an expression of shock on her face
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