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Had a telephone appointment with my GP this morning to discuss the results of last week’s ultrasounds. Each of them turned up an abnormality, but neither of them is really dangerous at least. I seem to have a kind of benign liver lesion, along with polycystic ovaries (…and technically I meet the diagnostic criteria for PCOS itself, but with no evidence of insulin resistance or high androgen levels, idk…). Specialist appointments are in the works to confirm the diagnoses and establish what kind of management might be required. It feels good to have an explanation, even though it would’ve been better still not to have this body weirdness in the first place.

It’s like The Birds around my place today. Currawongs everywhere, digging through our gutters for soft weeds to turn into nests! Gidget has been loving it – “it’s like cat TV but real life” I think sums up her thinking – except she got a bit freaked out when I took her outside (on a leash) with me while I hung out laundry, and chose to hide under a chair 😂 To be fair, those currawongs are tough as nails. They were outright landing on the washing line or just perching on my fence to stare daggers at me as I worked… if I were a cat I’d hide, too.

a tabby cat, indoors, looks up and right very alertedly

So I had one ultrasound today, the other to do tomorrow. The hospital was pretty efficient and the technician was nice enough, but I can’t pretend it wasn’t anxiety-inducing to be in a darkened room on a gurney being prodded with a series of unfamiliar pieces of equipment 😅

Wow, who’d ever need to clean their own gutters when you have currawongs around to do the job? I just saw a group of them ripping weeds and their root systems out of a neighbour’s shed’s gutter to use as lining for their nests 😊

Went on a pretty long afternoon walk today, just laps of a nearby park, soaking up that rare winter sun. The playground there was packed, and this ice cream truck was there to make the most of the opportunity. Viv saw an opportunity of his own to make the most of 😆

an Indian guy in a green hoodie stands at the side of an ice cream truck, grinning, as native Australian trees tower over him in the background

I’ve felt pretty stressed the last couple of days. I got results back from a follow-up blood test, which I had to do because a routine blood test had come back with something abnormal… and the follow-up one showed it was still abnormal (plus I have another issue now), so, more tests ahead. Organising those involved calling the local hospital, and just as I was on hold to them my phone stopped working 😩 So then I scrambled to DDG to work out how to fix it, and then I still had to call the hospital (again). Finally got the appointments, but their next slots were the 20th and 21st. So I guess I’ll be living in doubt until a little after then. I think things are unlikely to turn out to be really bad, but my doctor is kind of mystified at the moment, so it’ll be nice to know for sure.

Link: “Psychologists Explain Your Phone Anxiety (and How to Get Over It)”

Original post found at: https://www.thecut.com/article/psychologists-explain-your-phone-anxiety.html

I wish it wasn’t the case, but I definitely have phone anxiety, at least when calling unfamiliar people. This article offers a few potential reasons why: it cuts off non-verbal communication, it puts you under time pressure (as in you can’t take your time typing a thoughtful reply), you might feel like you’re being judged, and you just might not get a lot of practice talking on the phone, so you might not grok the “rhythm” and feel awkward. For me, I know another reason is that the audio quality of a phone line tends to be pretty bad, which can result in misunderstandings or repeated requests to repeat oneself. Then answering phone calls has further problems – the sheer number of them that are spam, and the fact that those which are not spam (if they’re not familiar people calling for a chat) put me on the spot and usually ask things I wish I had more time to prepare for. Just, argh, I hate phone calls.

We’ve arrived back home unscathed, although Viv copped a warning from NSW Police for speeding on the Hume 🤦🏻‍♀️ For lunch we stopped off at Beechworth, a historic gold mining town in Victoria’s northeast. Keen to have an early night and deep sleep 😊

a view of a Beechworth street, historic buildings and classic cars visible Beechworth Post Office building seen from across the street another historic building in Beechworth seen from the opposite corner

We had dry weather this morning, but rain set in again over the afternoon. I went to the National Museum, we both checked out our modern parliament in the afternoon, and we went to Canberra’s CBD for “Korean fusion” food tonight 😜 Returning home tomorrow – another long drive!

a rainbow over Lake Burley-Griffin

The government wants to redevelop the Australian War Memorial for some reason (ahem, they want to spend a lot of money making it horrible), so we decided to visit it while it’s there. Found my Grandma’s uncle’s name on the wall of WW1 fallen. The exhibits were informative, and made it clear how war is hell. I thought it was a really well-designed place.

The Australian War Memorial, looking towards the dome with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in heavy rain
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