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“Freedom Day”

It’s “freedom day” in Melbourne today – after something like four months in lockdown, we no longer are. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people actually held or attended midnight parties (of no more than 10 people indoors or 15 outdoors, as per the new rules, I hope 😜) to celebrate the milestone, but Viv and I are clearly old and we were asleep at the time 🤣

I have mixed …

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I swear I’m not usually one of those “Teenagers having fun IN PUBLIC?! Disgusting! 😡” kinds of people but choosing 9am to have a raging fiesta with ultra-loud music and a swarm of dudes yelling insults at each other two metres from my apartment windows is really a bit much.

Update: It sounded like a small child turned up to play on the playground that was also 2m from the partiers, and started crying at them in frustration (I feel you, kid, I feel you) so the teens all left. Thank God.

I’ve been feeling so tired in recent days 🥱 Somehow it took me way longer to adjust to DST than usual, so I kept not feeling tired and staying up too late for days on end… until it all caught up with me 😆 I actually like DST (who wants dawn at 4:45!) but this has sucked.

The magpies have come to appreciate our small walnut treats so much that early in the mornings, they’re gathering on our back fence to sing us a lovely “rise and shine” song 😆 What great birds!

Currently waiting in Prahran to get my second vaccine dose. I guess the outbreak has worsened since my first dose because the procedure to get in has got a lot more rigid. Looking forward to getting my jab though!

Greville St Prahran, with a queue of waiting people, a mural and a road devoid of traffic

Currently watching the AFL Grand Final (or the half-time entertainment) with Viv – the second year in a row that it’s been at night, in a different state from its traditional “home” at the MCG, and we haven’t even been allowed to see our loved ones to watch the big game together, as we usually would 😔

Not really fussed who wins, although I’ve been glad to see the Bulldogs wage a fightback to make it more interesting 😆 As someone who’s neutral, I definitely prefer to watch an exciting game! (Now when the Swans are in it, I wouldn’t find seeing a one-sided game with us winning… but haha as if that would ever happen.)

Hopefully by this time next year we’ll be able to see it with others once more 😌

Just a few minutes ago we had a minor earthquake! Gidget was freaking out, while the neighbour’s dog was just excited everyone was having a gathering on the driveway, hahah. Usually the tremors we get are so minor I don’t even notice them, but this one was very noticeable.

Looks like(external link) it was a magnitude 5.7 quake, about 125km ENE of Melbourne, at a depth of 2km. Although Geoscience Australia(external link) has it at more like magnitude 6, at a depth of 10km.

Victoria’s lockdown restrictions will be easing slightly from this weekend(external link) as we hit 70% of adults with a first vaccine dose. The 5km limit on movement will be increased to 10km, two adults from different households will be allowed to exercise together, and groups of 5+ adults, plus dependents, from two households will be allowed to socialise outdoors if all of them have had two vaccine doses. On a macro level, I guess I’m concerned about how much spread will result from people realising they’re very unlikely to have to prove their vaccination status and just catching up regardless… but on the personal level, I’m excited that I might get to see my family again. It’ll be late October before Viv and my sister get their second doses, but even being able to catch up with one family member and take Gizmo for a walk on the beach would be awesome 😃

Viv got an exciting phone call today – a job offer for an ongoing full-time position that he applied for, and interviewed for, a couple of months ago. And we don’t even have to move to Canberra! The position is here in Melbourne. Until now he’s only ever had contract or casual gigs, so permanency is a big step up for him. Super excited 😃

Tonight I found Gidget rifling through the crap on my bedside table because she realised I keep hair ties there. She kept coming back to rummage through it some more each time I carried her away! So one of the hair ties is hers now. We’re playing fetch with it 🐱

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