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Had a weird experience today. I had to call Medicare to check on the progress of something that really should’ve been done by now (I learned that apparently “3–4 weeks” only applies if there were no public holidays during that time), and once we finally got to the point of confirming there were no issues with the form and I just had to wait a little longer, the guy started asking me if I knew about privacy issues with Google!!

Like, genuinely, he went, “You know, my friend told me that if you log into Gmail then Google gets the web address of every page you visit afterwards, do you know if that’s true?” and I found myself explaining that a) if you use Google Chrome, yes; b) if you get to web pages by searching for them in Google, then yes; and c) if you don’t block Google tracking cookies, then yes. So then he said he’d already deleted his Gmail and was going to stop using Google Search and did I recommend that he switch to Microsoft’s browser instead of Chrome…

tbh even after that I got more stories (he also suspected Google got too much insight into his life through his Android phone and had a relevant story from another friend). By the end of the call, I felt like I’d spent more time answering his questions than the other way around. I wish the Australian Government would pay me 😂

A couple of days ago now, but our regular Sunday walk on the beach took place in the vicious cold and got hit by icy rain. On the plus side, the lighting got pretty spectacular. Watching my sister struggle with her umbrella looked like a shot from a movie!

photo of a young woman from behind, holding an umbrella, on a beach in the sun and rain simultaneously photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the left photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast at the bottom of frame photo of a beach with partly cloudy skies above; coast on the right

The first wintry blast of the year has well and truly hit Melbourne. Today and tomorrow have maxima of around 15°C, but the “feels like” temperature during the day has been 6–8°C (set to get down to 1°C overnight!). Brrrrr 🥶

We’ve been to the vet!

The good news is that there’s been no really bad news, although the vet wasn’t quite sure what she’s done. He thought she probably does not have a fracture (“unless she’s the most stoic cat ever”). He did find that she has a luxated patella, but wasn’t convinced that this was why she’s now suddenly limping; he thought it was a pre-existing condition (and said she’ll probably need surgery for it down the line, or else it’ll lead to arthritis). So for now, he’s sent us home with anti-inflammatories, and told us to come back in 5–7 days if she hasn’t improved by then, at which point they can do x-rays.

She also has to go back to the vet in 4 weeks anyway, because it’s been too long since she last got vaccinated so she needs a booster shot 🙈 Still, it wasn’t too much of an ordeal this time. It shouldn’t be too bad to bring her back for that.

Thanks for all the sympathy re: Gidget yesterday! Today she’s still limping when she walks, and mostly just resting by my side. She’s half-heartedly asked to go out a couple of times, but not persisted (I think recognising she’s hurt). Vet in ~6hrs, so we’ll see what she’s done.

Had to run out a couple of hours ago when I heard a cat fight happening outside. Not sure who she was fighting, but I found Gidget up in a tree all fluffy-tailed… and once I got her inside, it became clear she’s limping. Booked a vet appt for tomorrow arvo. Hoping it’s minor 😓

To further enjoy the perfect weather this weekend, Viv and I made it out to Sherbrooke Forest and did a 2¼ hour walk there. Beautiful scenery, and we finished early enough to get lunch at the café on site. Awesome day 😁

a gravel path leading off into a temperate rainforest. an Indian guy in a brown t-shirt stands at the foot of the path trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind trees and ferns around a path, blue sky behind

Today Viv and I went on an extended beach walk to soak up this late summery spell. And the beach was definitely the place to be! Packed but still gorgeous. On our way back we decided to eat back all the calories burnt and then some, with ice cream from a new trendy place 🍨

a wide shot of the ocean, beach and green hills, a pavilion in the distance sand, shallow sea with some rocks, blue sky sea with some small boats in the distance, yellow sand and hardy beach shrubs in the foreground a whitish cliff viewed from the bottom looking up, a small tree on top

Good Friday today – start of a long weekend for Viv, and the school holidays for me! We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather (sunny, 29°C), enjoyed hot cross buns, and while I’m not religious at all, it seems a good excuse to relisten to the classic Jesus Christ Superstar 😉

Viv and I really enjoyed seeing “For a Good Time Call” at the MICF yesterday! (My sister was supposed to also come, but came down with a cold so couldn’t…) I may not be the most impartial of judges since I’ve known Urvi since primary school but if you’re in Melbourne and are interested in smart, funny commentary on mental health, Home and Away and multiculturalism then I’d really recommend this show 👍🏻

an exterior shot of Trades Hall, with a large MICF banner up listing all the shows they have at that venue a selfie of a brunette white woman and bald bespectacled Indian man a shot of the main first-floor hall in Trades Hall
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