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One thing I did not expect when Viv and I went to pick up our new printer from Officeworks was the guy working at Officeworks picking an argument with us about how we’d made such an awful decision to even buy a printer 😬

After a few hot days (and nights) in a row, the cool change came earlier than expected this afternoon, resulting in pleasant weather – about 21Β°C. I appreciated it, at least! Looking forward to an easier night’s sleep tonight πŸ™‚ #mbfeb

view of a blue sky with a single white cloud, with a red brick building to the left and a wooden fence (with washing line) at the bottom of the frame

A few years ago, my grandma came and helped me plant some things in the flowerbed at the front of my flat. Some of them died, and after some point, I’d thought this orange flower was one of them. With this year’s La NiΓ±a summer, though, it’s surprised me and come back alive 😊

close-up of a small orange flower, green vines visible in the background

For day 18 of Micro.blog’s photoblogging challenge, the prompt is “at home”. A recent development from our home: I bought this memory foam pillow to help with near-daily neck and shoulder pain. Not only does it work great, but my envious partner bought one for himself too 😊

a photo of a cardboard box, opened. on the underside of the lid it says 'let's snuggle up above the clouds so high. koala'. in the box itself, there's a white pillow wrapped in plastic; the plastic has an illustration of a koala snuggling a teddy bear

Today Victoria is still in lockdown, although the good news is that’ll end at midnight tonight, on schedule. Another piece of good news: no further sign of those dang wasps!! This photo was taken from what was under their flight path 😎 #mbfeb

a photo taken from the ground looking up, of the sun and blue sky seen through the branches of a tree

After quite a process, the wasps should be about to meet their doom – the wasp control people have said they’ll be here between 10–12 this morning. Phew πŸ˜…

This week in “Yikes!"… we have a wasp infestation affecting our flat 😳 A few days ago (just before the lockdown) Viv showed me where they were getting into our roof cavity. As of today, I’ve discovered them inside the flat… Lockdown or no, we need to get this dealt with ASAP. I am freaking out.

a wasp on a white-coloured windowsill

Next month it’s my dad’s birthday, and given his strong interest in mathematics and the fact he’s been studying Greek for three years, I’ve placed an order for Logicomix (the Greek edition) for him 😊 Shipping to Australia is expensive, but it just seems like the perfect gift!

It’s day 8 of Micro.blog’s photoblogging challenge, which means today’s prompt is hope. My hope is that the various Australian states stop randomly closing their borders to each other, so I can return to Sydney and enjoy scenery like the below again without worry πŸ˜›

a photo of Bronte Beach, Sydney

For today’s photoblogging challenge, the day 6 prompt is sport. Viv and I go for different AFL teams, and nearly every year (until last year, for obvious reasons…) we try to go to the Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers game. This is us at the SCG one freezing night in May 2019.

a white woman in a purple hooded coat and a Sydney Swans scarf, sitting close to an Indian man in a blue hoodie and (just visible) Essendon Bombers scarf, both smiling at the camera
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