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Wiki: Fediverse

The Fediverse refers to an ecosystem of decentralised social media servers that are largely interoperable with each other (that is, they federate) because they all adhere to a common ActivityPub protocol (some software also/instead follows other protocols, like Diaspora). The most well-known software used to run Fediverse servers is Mastodon.

The Fediverse ecosystem is often seen as a preferable …

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Time for a Not-So-Fun Hugo Fact!

If you have a post with only one category, and choose between adding it to your post’s YAML metadata in one of the following ways:

- Category Name
categories: Category Name

Those are not the same! According to Hugo, the first one is an array (of one item), and the second one is a string. So then if you later want to make a template where you range all posts’ categories, …

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I enjoyed this Sarah Z video on the rise and fall of geek culture(external link), even though it’s confronting to hear 2012 spoken about like some long-gone era 😅 It’s not the only thing in recent times which has made me feel, not OLD exactly, but older than I feel like I am. The other big one was the realisation that there are people registered to vote in this upcoming election who don’t remember the Rudd/Gillard governments at all… 😬 How do the years start to pass so quickly?

Wiki: geek culture

“Geek culture” is a bit of a nebulous term (and as a result I really struggle to ever type it without surrounding it in quote marks) but it is used, broadly, to describe the kind of entertainment and activity that appeals to people who could be considered “geeks”. That, then, raises the question of who could be considered a geek. Generally, I’d say the term describes …

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Link: “Search histories, location data, text messages: How personal data could be used to enforce anti-abortion laws”

Original post found at: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/05/05/tech/abortion-laws-phone-privacy/index.html

Scary shit. At a bare minimum, everyone should have uBlock Origin(external link) installed in their browsers, and use a privacy-respecting search engine that doesn’t log all your searches and link them back to you (I like DuckDuckGo). But of course that’s not really sufficient in the face of an oppressive state, like the ones here wishing to criminalise people seeking or assisting with abortions, so things like secure VPNs, end-to-end encrypted messaging (like Signal), and the use of private browsing windows (or even Tor!) to look up sensitive information are all important too.

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