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Liked “Google Analytics: Stop feeding the beast” by Caspar Wrede

Original post found at: https://casparwre.de/blog/stop-using-google-analytics/

Google is an advertising platform. Everything it does, all of its products, are geared towards selling advertising. Most of its products are free, many of them are useful, and a few are even great. But they all exist to suck up more data so that it can become even better at selling advertising. […] It’s called surveillance capitalism and it’s certainly not about giving you a great user experience, it’s about making money.

The Online Firehose

FYI: This post is a rewritten and expanded version of this post that I published on Dreamwidth two years ago.

I’ve long been a pretty avid user of Twitter. I first made an account towards the end of 2007, but it was 2010–2011 that was really “peak Twitter” for me. That was when I had lots of friends on the platform, and we could use Twitter basically like a big group chat. I …

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Liked “WhatsApp and the domestication of users” by Rohan Kumar

Original post found at: https://seirdy.one/2021/01/27/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.html

Whether it happens on purpose or by accident, user domestication almost always follows the same three steps:

  1. A high level of dependence given from users to a software vendor
  2. An inability for users to control their software, through at least one of the following methods:
    1. Preventing modification of the software
    2. Preventing migration onto a different platform
  3. The exploitation of now-captive users who are unable to resist

The completion of the first two steps left WhatsApp users vulnerable to user domestication. With investors to answer to, they had every incentive to implement user-hostile features without consequence.

So, of course, they did.

Liked “Life Happens: Towards Community Support For Prioritizing Life Events And Mutual Care, Starting With The #IndieWeb” by Tantek Çelik

Original post found at: https://tantek.com/2021/051/b1/life-happens

“Life Happens” is an acknowledgement that there are numerous things that people experience in their actual physical lives that suddenly take higher priority than nearly anything else (like participation in volunteer-based communities), and those communities (like the IndieWeb) should acknowledge, accept, and be supportive of community members experiencing such events.

How I Integrated Webmentions Into My Hugo Static Site

Since I moved my blog over to Hugo, I’ve been wanting to do a little series of posts about various aspects of my set-up, just in case they help anyone else thinking of doing the same. This first post is about how I’ve enabled Webmentions, an important building block of the IndieWeb. As you might notice, my blog posts don’t have conventional comment forms underneath them. Instead, …

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Bookmarked “A new online safety bill could allow censorship of anyone who engages with sexual content on the internet” by Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust

Original post found at: https://theconversation.com/a-new-online-safety-bill-could-allow-censorship-of-anyone-who-engages-with-sexual-content-on-the-internet-154739

Under new draft laws, the eSafety Commissioner could order your nude selfies, sex education or slash fiction to be taken down from the internet with just 24 hours notice.

The Australian Government seems to be on quite a roll with insanely bad internet policies, hey.

On the AusGov vs Google/FB Stoush

So, the House of Representatives has passed a bill requiring Google and Facebook to pay money to certain media outlets for content they link to within Australia. Initially Google threatened to block Australians from using their search engine if the legislation passed, but they came around and started negotiating compromise deals with commercial media outlets instead. Facebook, on the other hand, …

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You Already Don't Need Google Search

Even though a compromise seems to be emerging, Australian media is still abuzz with the possibility (or threat) that Google will block our country from using their search engine. Now, if you’re a small business currently relying on Google to refer customers to you, I could see that being a real but short-term problem (until you figure out how to optimise your ranking in whatever search …

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