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Today for lunch I cooked something new: dal makhani, based on this recipe with some cheeky simplifications (like, instead of soaking and pre-cooking some lentils, I used a can 😅). It may not look like much, cos I didn’t bother with garnish, but it was delicious – like butter chicken sans the chicken.

a bowl with a red-brown lentil stew atop some boiled white rice

Today’s #mbfeb prompt is banana, so I’m sharing my favourite way to eat banana: mashed into baked oatmeal! If you’d like to try the same, my recipe derives from BudgetBytes' Banana Bread Oatmeal, but I add ~25g chia seeds and a squirt of stevia instead of the sugar 😛

a bowl with a quarter-circle slice of brown baked oatmeal

Why does food look more appealing when it’s colourful? Is it some kind of evolutionary adaption because in nature, colours = fruits and vegetables? 🤔 Regardless, I enjoyed the bowl of fried rice with prawns I made last night. #mbfeb

a white bowl containing fried rice with carrot, egg and prawns garnished with spring onion

Tonight I decided to make gnocchi with chicken sausages in a butternut squash sauce 😋 If you’re interested in trying it yourself, I follow this Skinny Taste recipe! #mbfeb

a cast iron skillet filled with gnocchi, chicken sausage pieces and spinach in an orange-coloured sauce

As I’ve mentioned before I no longer eat mammal meat, which is mostly easy peasy but just occasionally I get the craving for some ham or bacon. Now there are vegan (wheat protein-derived) imitations in the supermarket, I can once again treat myself 😇 (Day 7 #mbfeb prompt.)

a plate with a fried egg on avocado toast and a slice of imitation bacon on it
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