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book cover of Fledgling

Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler

Shori is a young vampire who awakens in a cave, badly injured and with amnesia. She finds out that her entire family has been murdered. With the help of some bonded humans called symbionts, she pursues justice in a vampire society she must learn about from scratch. (★★★★)

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Wiki: Dracula

Dracula is an 1897 novel by Bram Stoker. Told in an epistolary format (through letters, diary entries and newspaper articles), it starts by following solicitor Jonathan Harker as he goes on a business trip to stay at the castle of a Transylvanian noble, Count Dracula. Harker escapes the castle after discovering that Dracula is a vampire, and the Count moves to England and plagues the seaside town …

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Link: “Novelists Still Don’t Know How To Talk About The Internet”

Original post found at: https://www.killyourdarlings.com.au/article/novelists-still-dont-know-how-to-talk-about-the-internet/

The proliferation of the so-called ‘internet novel’ genre indicates this anxiety. What does it mean to exist as a person online right now, and how is it different to life conducted offline? The problem is that this question is the wrong question, and consequently the answers you get are almost always fucking awful.

Link: “‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Author Wanted for Questioning in Murder”

Original post found at: https://www.theatlantic.com/books/archive/2022/07/where-the-crawdads-sing-delia-mark-owens-zambia-murder/670479/

Where the Crawdads Sing never really appealed to me before, and I’m definitely not going to read it now 🤯 The Owens seem super racist, to the point of course that they are wanted for questioning over the murders of Zambian men that they alleged to be poachers…

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Link: “Unsettling Futures - Brandon Sanderson, fame, and the failure of the Long Tail” by Matthew Claxton

Original post found at: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/ouranosaurus/issues/unsettling-futures-brandon-sanderson-fame-and-the-failure-of-the-long-tail-1066332

Found myself metaphorically nodding along at almost every word of this piece. The internet was supposed to “democratise” media consumption, but for the most part it’s resulted in bestsellers selling ever better and the midlist declining. It does mention indie, self-pubbed authors but only in brief, and at any rate they suffer from the same discovery problem as the midlist (just even more intensely).

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