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Link: “Unsettling Futures - Brandon Sanderson, fame, and the failure of the Long Tail” by Matthew Claxton

Original post found at: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/ouranosaurus/issues/unsettling-futures-brandon-sanderson-fame-and-the-failure-of-the-long-tail-1066332

Found myself metaphorically nodding along at almost every word of this piece. The internet was supposed to “democratise” media consumption, but for the most part it’s resulted in bestsellers selling ever better and the midlist declining. It does mention indie, self-pubbed authors but only in brief, and at any rate they suffer from the same discovery problem as the midlist (just even more intensely).

Arkady Martine’s new book, A Desolation Called Peace (the follow-up to A Memory Called Empire) has finally come out in Australia, just two months after seemingly the entire rest of the world! I’ve slacked off on reading so much lately, but for this I need to make an exception. 📚

book cover of The Sleep Room

The Sleep Room by F.R. Tallis

James Richardson, a young psychiatrist, takes up a position at a remote facility in East Anglia, where six of the patients are kept unconscious at all times under a controversial treatment regime. Inexplicable things start happening. (★★★★)

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