Matriarch by Adam Wing

book cover of Matriarch

A really cool fantasy novella. It starts in the present day, where the 119-year-old Ayla (known to most as “Gran”) is hospitalised after a fall, and with the hospital staff warning that she’s not really expected to recover, great-granddaughter Cass sits down to listen to one final family story – one that Ayla promises that Cass hasn’t heard before. That story begins in Turkey, shortly after Turkey’s War of Independence. A British soldier, enamoured with the country, is wandering around it to put off going home. At some point he becomes a farmhand on the small property of a humble, but warmly welcoming couple. Going off in pursuit of a “werewolf” that keeps picking off their flock and is undeterrable by fences, he crosses paths with a jinn and a twisted love story unfolds. It’s a compelling read with surprises in store right up to the end, and easily finished in an hour or so! I’d certainly recommend it.


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